Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 11 February 2013

Sniper Reminders, The New Batch

Having collected another 30 casualty markers at York I was finally able to finish off a bunch of Sniper Reminders, the only problem is that 30 bases really won't be enough to do all the figures I have waiting to be painted so I still need to buy yet more sometime soon. I have a bunch of stuff on e-bay at the moment mostly old Irregular Miniatures Naps so once these have sold I will probably send in another order. 30 at the time seemed like a lot LOL.

These two were painted before the challenge but not based so I based them at the same time as the rest. These are now on e-bay hoping to help towards the next set of bases. Both are in camo, the Russian in the rather silly splodge type whilst the German in the more normal splinter. The Russian is Blacktree with bags of character whilst the German is Artizan and a good mobile figure for them. I do have an issue with the Artizan Sniper pack, the four figures really don't go together well as two pairs, the spotters would get both guys killed if they were with the snipers!

These four are again Blacktree and again lots of detail and these were bought as a selection picked at random. The only issue with this is that I got a mix that some would not have been any good for early war. I guess it could be possible to ask for early or late war though in my case it was not an issue.

As you can see from this picture lots of kit on these guys which really adds to the models and makes painting them that bit more fun. They have become my favourite 28mm WWII supplier.

Four more from the same lot as above. I really like the guy with the binoculars,great pose but then again all of them have believable stances.

The Panzerfaust on the far right is a great addition to the figure which makes him a great figure for a battle including tanks, just don't stand behind him.

Keeping with Blacktree we have a couple of Russians, again nice figures and I really like they come with rifle slings, a big error in my mind from Artizan who miss them off.

Again nice amount of extra detail that really helps bring character to the figures.

These are Warlord figures that were left over from the box, I figured I would paint them up and see if I got any interest in them. The set came with two officers, one brandishing a sword and looking all dynamic and this one. The middle guy is just starting to get up with a LMG with bayonet attached whilst the crouched figure is trying to get battery access on a field phone.

Only one did I add the Elephant Grass, the rest get extra tufts and a little poison ivy.

Here we have three Artizan Americans, two are depicted as 29th Infantry whilst the other is The Big Red One. These are Company B decals and are great to work with.

Typical of Artizan is that they are a treat to paint up, nice and quick with little prep work. Blacktree need that little bit more work but it's worth it. Warlord need the most work and whilst are more mobile that a typical Artizan figure are my least favourite. 

I still have a couple of Japanese heads if anyone wants them, free to a good home, no extra for an indifferent home ;-)


  1. I really like the figure shrouded in the tall grass - very cool.

  2. Fantastic work. Love the basing too!

  3. I absolutely love the detail. Those little kits are fantastic.

  4. At Jonathan, thanks I did a whole load of these like that ages ago,

    @ Roger, Thanks, I have done well over 100 of these now in less than 18 months, is that sad?

    @ Happy, The detail is all down to the guys who sculpt the figures, it's amazing at the skills some folks have.