Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Adler Napoleonic French Command Stand 2

I kept up with the one 6mm Command figure a day up to completing this stand and then went off the boil failing to do one at all for about a week. I painted up three more figures yesterday which will be based and submitted to the challenge with the next batch I send in (I have one submission waiting blogging by Curt so I have some points in the bag.

These command figures are a fair bit more active than the last one with swords our and looking for trouble. I like the way you can put the various figures into groups so that the base makes sense. The next one up for instance is a really nice composition. 

These three seem to know where the camera is at! I have been using the red leather for base colour on these with Flat Flesh painted over this and washed in nut brown ink. This was leaving them a tad dark so a final light coat of the Flat Flesh has added a fair bit of depth to the skin. 

Actually the Nut Brown is applied to the whole figure except the white areas as it really brings out the folds in cloths etc. In cases were I go over the white or silver it then needs lifting again as these two colours hate the ink. A few other bits sometimes need lifting which can be a issue if it's a mixed colour such as the pink on the ADC at the back.

The swords were a pain as they are almost impossible to keep straight and this is an issue with Adler. that and bayonets. They make them super slim which looks good but so much care has got to be taken both in painting and on the table. Time will tell how they stand up to campaigning.

Well the Painting Challenge is winding down which I am sure some followers will be grateful as it's been fairly one track for over two months now. I have managed to stay in the top seven from the start, not at all bad given that 47 of us are taking part. Yesterday I dropped out of the top five though I have about 100 points sitting in the wings so I should get back in if only for a few days. I have had a lot less time to paint this last week with the kids being off school though it's possible a reduced time will have done me some good. It's been a blast for me though as it has got me to paint far more than I have ever done in the same time period at any time before. But once the clock reaches zero I will be happily reaching for those Spanish buildings and a few other things that have been put to one side for awhile. Not that I won't still be painting figures like mad but the selection will widen.

I will not get the Prussians started I fear before the end of the Month but I am looking to get the first twelve bases painted and based before the end of the challenge. One of two new projects I hoped to have started before the challenge ends, the other being those Romans. I hope this will still be the case and it all depends on today and tomorrow. I had predicted putting the finishing touches to the ECW on the desk on Thursday but I now have a game of ASL booked FTF with my Nephew Wednesday at some point so maybe Friday will see it done? Well a trip to Mansfield for basing paints and a pair of shoes for the wife really cuts in as well so fingers crossed.


  1. They do look lovely! Nice work!

  2. Great fun Ian, and impressive results.

  3. I do love the command stand, excellent work Ian.

  4. @ All thanks, finished painting the next one up yesterday and it's the one I like the most. Still need basing etc. yet.