Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 18 February 2013

Hessy and Zurlander regiments of foot and the Artillery

Finished off the WSS infantry and painted up the guns and crews at the same time. The two regiments were more interesting as they were not the usual grey or white. This gives Matt 30% of his foot in red or blue. Both blue and red have been given as possible colours for the French guns so I gave Matt the choice and he wanted red as they would stand out a bit more.

This completes the French foot leaving just the horse and command figures to go. That's ninety six cavalry and fifteen mounted command figures to go till this project is finished. I do feel the need to take a break from 6mm when these are done though. 

Not that in can be that long of a break. First up I wish to continue averaging one command figure a day for my French Naps army and I really need to get rid of some more figures to buy some much needed supplies. I have decided to base my Prussian army similar to how Lee bases his troops. After all they will be on his side of the table in 2015 so it makes some sense. 

I still hope to get started on my Roman army before my birthday, at least that is 15mm so plan to start cleaning some of the figures up next week. Meanwhile I think I will do more of the 28mm WWII figures as I have already fully prepped the Partisans and have cleaned but not primed a bunch for the desert. 

I also have pulled out the ACW Confederate army pack for a relatively quick paint job but that's 6mm as obviously is my Prussian infantry booster pack. I will see one or possibly both started before February is through. Probably try the ACW first as I can experiment with the basing a bit.

Next up for Matt should be the ECW, I aim to do these in two to three weeks, these are 15mm but I plan to pant up the same regiments in 6mm for myself, just for a bit of fun. Seems no matter what I do I manage to find my way back to the 6mm

I still have a lot of Macedonian extra's that need to be painted up but not sure when I will do these. To be honest I may well just pull out all I have and spend an evening choosing the next few units. I almost have Matt's horse finished, these have two days tops left in them, just the command left then. I gave myself three months to finish Matt's figures and this includes a whole Zulu starter army from Baccus but I think I will manage it.

So what next? You tell me!


  1. What? Where's Ben Stiller? oh, Zurlander, not Zoolander! My bad! ;)

    Lovely figs Ian!

  2. What do you take me for? LOL