Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Building A Dream Part 3 Finished

Actually this has been finished a few weeks but I wanted it to arrive at my friends before writing about it on my blogs. I left off with all the parts brought together and having you guess what the 6mm painted wizard was going to become.

Most of the model was dictated by the Ken Smith painting that was ASL Journal Eight cover. I could not get the correct pose and the closest to the pose was in fact carrying a BAR rather than a carbine. Nothing too drastic, all I needed to do was bring it all together. 

This is the finished model, I actually have him starting round the corner, whilst Ken Smith has him against the wall, consider it moments before a missed shot. The sleeve worked well as it lends a bit of depth to the brick print of the wall. 

The dry brushing on the wall gave me the desired colour and added texture to the surface which added to the plastered look I was trying to achieve. I added the dirt around the base of the stone plinth to fully cover the join as it did have a slight gap.

Anyone spot the wizard? I gave him a shave, removed the staff lamp and base and suddenly I had a girls doll. I really wanted something that would class with the whole war vibe and also add just a touch of colour. The balsa floor was cut into floor boards and stained with a few coats of Agrax Earthshade wash. I looked at a lot of wallpapers before settling on a birthday cards envelope!

Normally you don't get away with having the figure off centre on the base but I think I manage it here. Very happy with the Linka stone walls doubling as a pavement. 

The figure is pinned to the base, this meant taking the figure off it's actual base, not as easy as I thought it would be! You can see the Sniper wheel at the bottom. It does not jump out at you which is all down to Warbases who made these custom bases for me. I was rather pleased with the result and much better was the fact that my mate is happy with it. 

Here is what I was trying to achieve, not the exact thing but plenty close enough for me. Of course it needed a play mate which I will cover in a couple of days.


  1. Nice little diorama Ian, and pretty faithful to the picture. Birthday card envelope as wallpaper? Genius!

  2. That really is fantastic Ian!

  3. What Gunrunner said, great little diorama. Nice details.


  4. @ Gunrunner, it was the wife who was the Genius, in fact she did take the Mensa test about the age of 12 and yes passed as Genius, obviously intelligence is not required for picking a husband LOL

    @ Jonathan, thanks, was fun doing this.

    @ James, cheers, tomorrow will be the turn of it's mate which was freestyle

    @ Mat. thanks again, it arrived safe in the States so I was happy

    @ Roger, thanks, I surprised myself a bit with doing so well as I am not a modeller.