Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Book Arrives and Nearly A Week Between Posts!

First up the two are not connected but I have got home from work to find the book I had won sitting next to me computer. This is courtesy of Jonathan who runs the rather spiffing Palouse Wargaming Journal which is packed full of varied and excellent painted figures. A joy to follow as Jonathan has a nice mix of interests.

I had been advised to get another title on the battle to read before this as the detail of this book means that a base understanding is rewarded on reading Goetz. So in the meantime I ordered Duffy's book on the subject and will read this with my prize following on after.

So a great big thank You to Jonathan and I am sure the nett result will be yet more money thrown in the general direction of Baccus, thought the Adler me and Lee are buying in less than two weeks just happen to be well filled out by Austrian's and Russian's so I guess fate said buy more, buy more.

Also regular followers will have noticed a distinct reduction in posts with almost a whole week going between posts. Just a massive work load mixed in with not being 100% post treatment has left me low on reserves and short on time. I have done some painting but not enough to get all excited about. Hopefully back to normal especially as I have figures to show off.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Building of the Week - Spanish Hill Village

Well when I started the building of the week idea I hoped it would make sure I had a pop at painting 52 buildings in a year. Imagine that, it's more than enough for any game I would say but turn's out if I paint just 52 in a year I will have got off lucky. This weeks post for instance actually is eight buildings and it's taken up three weeks worth of posts on the subject so that's nearly three times the planned output! 

So as you will know already we have here the Total Battle Miniatures Spanish Hill Village and the whole thing has taken about 15-20 hours to do and costs £35 unpainted or £88 if you want TBM to paint it for you.

I have taken the shots without the ramps that go on the end, main reason is that I have misplaced two of the three and need to look them up LOL. Not that it's a issue as I have a set recipe for doing the basing so will fit in at some point.

I did toy with the idea of making fields of some sort out of the ground next to the houses but it was more practical to have bits of grass on it and leave room for troops to be placed on the tile. I can see this getting some use in a game sometime soon (I hope).

I went with white buildings for the Church and the rich whilst grey as rough rendered for the business and poorer residences. The rough texture of the TBM buildings really leant themselves to this. I still have a few  more Spanish buildings that I have yet to paint from TBM which I will paint up all grey so they can all be the more common colour and have the Church as the only White building. I really wanted them to pop so went a shade or two braver than before for the roofs.

A couple of the buildings show damage which I will put down to cannon ball strikes. Though one building has a couple of sections of wall cracked open showing the stone behind the render.

Whilst their is not a massive amount of detail on the buildings they have a lot of character and I think they are perfect for both the period being played and for the wargames table.

I like how the buildings are positioned on the tile. Little gaps between some of the buildings whilst you also can see obvious main routes through the village. The whole is well thought out and put into practice.

I mentioned the texture of the base last post on this tile but I think it really shines through on some of the close up shots. I will get a few shots at some point with a base or two on it.

Of course all this has done is make me want the fortified town so much more. That is a fair bit larger than this little village and costs £65 which may seem a bit rich but the footprint is rather large. I will probably buy it at the next Joy of Six where Lee and I will be doing the Quatre Bras demonstration game. 

This may be my favourite building of the set as it has the afore mentioned damage and the little enclosed balcony just screamed at me to place over the edge.

Some of the Woodland Scenic's bushes really came into their own as bushy trees, the mix of different textures and surface patterns really bring the base to life. It's a shame the base won't get a massive amount of play but it was worth it just for the experience of making the model. 

Now you get a peek at the well to do side of town, don't stand looking too long or they will call the bobby over to move you along  ;-)

I really like the rich dudes houses with private yards and in balconies in another. Of course you can place the buildings in different positions on the tile to make the village look different and as I showed last time, with a change of buildings you can transplant to different era's or parts of the world.

A number of buildings have foliage built into them just like Timecast also do and whilst this gets me to add a more realistic bit of green to the building I would prefer to add it myself if I want it.  I do like the water trough though on the grey building in the middle.

As well as the larger tiles TBM also do small farm tiles with two buildings on for £8 which is a nice little base for your Iberian adventures.

So it took me just a little over a year to get it started and only a couple of weeks to get it done. Now I can get back to the Giveaway buildings as well as all the others I have waiting in the wings. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Baccus New French Dragoons Get Tested

I know it's been awhile since I looked at the Hussars that Baccus released just a few weeks back but here I finally get round to painting up the Dragoons. Or to be more precise the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons who will see action in our Project Waterloo. Yes a unit I am painting that I will be commanding, imagine that!

Facing The Challenge
As I mentioned last time Peter has a soft spot for the Hussars but me, well I REALLY like the detail that have been teased out of these guys. Take a look above and yes they are chinstraps bronzed. Not just painted on but actually sculpted. Just like the Hussars though, painting all the detail is optional rather that required. Yet the detail is not thin, you really have a bag full of options as so much of the detail can be painted or left off based on personal preferences and that goes way beyond the faces.

As you can see table top view supplies a nice looking unit, though even well painted Irregular don't look at all bad from this distance but with these you can pick out a fair bit of detail. I like the solid look of the cavalry, these are functional but still look good for it. Seeing the legs not stiff sticks made the wait well worth it for the results.

We still have the typical Baccus sword to helmet look. It works and it's tried and tested but I have to be honest and admit I would have liked a more active pose but I also know it means a few more challenges to moulding and casting and I know plenty of Baccus fans may well be disappointed with such changes but it will be interesting how they deal with the Lancers, I can at least hope.

All the detail you would expect are in play and I think Baccus again score high in melding function and art, Adler still have the most handsome cavalry on the block but I am thinking Baccus have the BEST. Start to finish you can get a base of these done in a night if you have a mind for it. I actually painted the horses all four bases worth that Peter gave me in one session then went on to paint the rest of this base in about an hour the other night. I also finished the Chasseurs the following night between work on my Spanish Village but that's for another post. 

I hope the picture above gives you an idea of the detail that can be teased out if you have a mind for it. Thank you chestnut brown ink is all I am going to say ;-)

The bugler has a bit of a conk on him though. So obviously I have nothing but praise to heap on these then? Hell no, I am a cantankerous sod even on a good day.

Mindful that when Peter handed over the loot saying he wanted my full and honest opinion as I grinned back at him thinking good job I have ONE issue. One I have struggled with from the moment I took a good luck at them when it came to the minor clean up time. That is the rather strange decision to arm one of the boor buggers with a telegraph poll with a tent on the end of it! It seems such a backward step into Irregular territory. I don't mind the idea of having a pole for the standard but I really don't like the idea of having to keep the one I have been issued with. Adler do poles that you can attach flags to which I accept gladly, not that I am impressed when that pole is fixed to the helmet so you can't wrap a flag round it. But having a flag actually in place is a sin. I just am not good enough a painter to do it justice and further more it being so thick it's a right pain to have in place. Given the detail that has gone into the figures it's a shame. However I have not yet decided if I will simply miss the standard bearer out on future bases and sub in another figure or live with the flag. I think I will see how it looks on the table before I decide.

So not a major issue and given I may well live with it, I have to agree that it's not a deal breaker and it's very much a point of personal taste. However I would love to know how the decision came to be made. Not for any other purpose than just to know. Methinks it will be a question I will put to Sir Berry next I see him.

At the moment I think I like these that bit more than the Hussars, somewhat faster to paint up, nice and colourful and the faces are quite a bit nicer on these guys. Sorry Peter I know you like the Hussars but these have more striking power and somehow that comes across in the figures. I will be adding plenty more Dragoons to the ranks post Waterloo and they better be Baccus!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

This years painted total so far V's The Lead Mountain

All the information below is from my Painted in 2013 page, I have to be honest it's a serious amount of work and given that two thirds of the time I have been in full time employment and I have not included any buildings in the mix I have to say I am a bit taken back by what I have actually got off the table. Looking at what I have painted it's clear 6mm Napoleonic's has been by far the main subject on the painting table and it's the main reason I have tried to include a few other projects just so you and I don't start to get all bored with what I have on offer.

With that said it may be worth looking at what my mountain is made of. Well a very quick count and I have 50 WWII 28mm's already before I get the 240+ from the Kickstarter, a lot of Fantasy in 28mm including my Nephews. One small Roman Army in 15mm and a few hundred other ancient figures that need attention. In 6mm I have a Anglo-Saxon army that I will paint up if someone does not take it off me before I get to a point I decide I will tackle it. Three times as many French Napoleonic and about the same Prussian! Shall I ignore the shipping order on it's way at Blog-Con?

Then of course not shown is the Zulu army in 6mm I have yet to work on for Matt and also his 15mm ECW, just a couple of regiments of foote. I will also accept that I did not show ALL I have but I think that was enough for now.

Being as I had no idea of how many figures I actually painted in 2012 I have decided to keep count of 2013. This could be frightening!

Twenty Eight WWII Infantry.
One Samurai 
One Orc
One Wolf
Eight Whitecloak's (Fantasy)
One Dwarf
One Dog
One Scout

Eight Investigators for Mansion of Madness
One Ral Patha Beast Man

Twenty Four Persian Cavalry
One Hundred and Seventeen German, Russian and American WWII Infantry
Twelve ECW Cavalry
Four ECW Mounted Dragoons
Twenty ECW Dismounted Dragoons
Fourty ECW Infantry
Eight ECW gun crew
Two ECW Guns

Twenty Four Four Man gun crews with eight 8lb guns, six 6lb guns and six howitzers in 6mm
Six Six horse limbers.
Eleven Napoleonic French Mounted Command
Seventy One French Napoleonic Cavalry
Three Hundred and Sixty Six French Napoleonic Infantry
Two Hundred and Nineteen Italian Napoleonic Infantry
Twenty Nine Napoleonic Prussian Mounted Command
Eight Hundred Firty Five Prussian Napoleonic Infantry
Twenty Prussian Dragoons
Eighteen Prussian Landwehr Cavalry
Twenty Eight Irish Napoleonic Infantry serving France
Ninety Six Spanish War of Secession French Cavalry
Four Hundred and Eighty Spanish War of Secession French Infantry
Three Hundred and Thirty Six ACW Confederate Infantry
Sixteen dismounted ECW Dragoons
Nine mounted ECW Dragoons
Nine ECW Cavalry
Two four man crewed ECW guns
Twenty Eight ECW Infantry
One Civilian (yes I know!)

28mm Infantry Nine
28mm Animals Two
25mm Infantry Eight
28mm Roleplay Infantry Two
15mm Mounted Forty
15mm Infantry One Hundred and Eighty One
6mm Guns Twenty Six
6mm Crews Members Eighty Two
6mm Limbers Six
6mm Mounteted Three Hundred and Seventy Three
6mm Infantry Two Thousand Two Hundred and Thirteen

Monday, 21 October 2013

Female Scout Picked by a Bloke!

I will start the post with the following points known  ;-)

1. The figure is owned by my wife

2. The person who picked it for their character is a bloke.

The figure is supposed to represent a Female Scout come Thief but it looks to me as if she is the one who has something nicked, like her clothes!

I am not yet sure if the figure will be used until we find a more suitably clothed female (we are at this point rather to the north of Middle Earth and it's set to get colder as the game goes on.

I don't remember the make and did not notice any detail on the base to say who had made it but Cath has had the figure since the late Nineties I think. I am not even sure why she got this figure though Cath also had a few other female figures some of which Cath had painted up as well as two Dwarfs one of which has been already painted up and shown by me recently on the blog.

So the poor thing is wearing a waste coat and a thong, a belt and a pair of boots. No way will she ever be accused of wearing too much! Other than the flesh she was a fairly quick paint up though I am relieved she did not take too long as it was not one of the more demanding figures that I have done recently.

My camera had trouble focusing but I assume you get the idea, believe it or not she does have eyes. I have given the photo's interesting names just to see how it impacts on hits, but just to be sure I will now go over the stand out points, boobs and bum. OK that's got to be good for a hundred hits  ;-)

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Experiences of Kickstarters and a lot of Coincidences.

I backed my first Kickstarter almost six months ago today, this being Red Republic's Arena Rex and more recently I also threw money in the direction of Baker Company for their Winter War.

By some strange coincidence I backed both to the value of £120 each. The castings of Arena Rex are excellent, I already have one figure given to me by AR and the other figures they have shown are also fantastic. Though they should be given the cost of each figure. By comparison I think the Winter War figures I have seen so far look OK they are not to the finish of the AR figures but then not only do they not need to be but indeed the fact most of them are wrapped up for winter makes it impossible to try and match the two against each other even without mentioning the difference in scale and material.

Another coincidence happens to be release date, both have been chalked up for November, yes even the WW that only finished Oct 8th has set the following month as when products will start to ship. In fact Baker Company have already started to ship the low level pledges.

From here on in though they have started to diverge and share less and less in common. The biggest difference seems to be direct communication. Since I pledged to WW I have had more updates than I have had for AR, not that I needed many a update but AR seem to go into periods of silence which was explained away to an extent last week when I received notice that shipment will be delayed till some time in the first quarter of next year. Fortunately for me it's not so big a deal as I have plenty to keep me active and through the year I tend to paint about the same speed but for some I imagine the delay and the start of end of painting season will be a double blow. The reasons for the delay is that two of the partners have started new jobs whilst the third has had a baby (well their partner has) so their lives are under a lot of disruption. I think the level of success has had a big effect on the time line. Still a possible 33% increase on release time must have been on the horizon for some time, I think waiting till the month before release to extend the time line was not a smart move, worse still they were not saying the release WILL be by March, the door is open for a longer delay. The good news though is that a good chunk of the figures are either now ready or working towards it.

On the other hand Baker Company have a good chunk of the first wave of their figures all ready and have stated the first wave will be going out next month in order of subscriptions so I hope that I will get my first Russians and Finns before the first snows fall. The second and final wave will be with us sometime in March so it's possible I could have all the WW figures and vehicles before I get any from Red Republic. Again it's not an issue, more a highlight on how great Baker Company seem to be. They are also advertising their next date for a Kickstarter, this being April, just after we all should have our lead. The subject is still up in the air as they allowed backers to vote on which will be next. I am glad my birthday is in March!

Another reason Baker Company have a good reason to get their product out on time is that Warlord Games are intending to release their own Finnish infantry and a module for Axis Allies including the Finns also in November (mid to late) with a price ticket of £29.50 for 21 figures. Sure makes the WW kickdstarter seem an excellent deal. The £60 for one Finn Rifle Platoon ended up supplying over 120 figures, a HMG, a large mortar, an AT Gun, an artillery gun, Field Kitchen, AA Truck and a very cool Areosan. Warlord give you 5 sky mounted infantry whilst I get ten so the same amount with a double purchase of the Warlord pack to spend the same value.

Not that it stops here. I am also getting ten guys on bikes and six on horseback, though these are included in the 120 figures. So for my £120 I will have over 240 figures and a lot of vehicles including two AA Trucks and two Aerosan's a T26 and a BA armoured car. I think Warlord must have been cursing as the Winter War kickstarter gained momentum. But on the bright side both Chain f Command and Boltaction now support the period and scale these figures cover. I see a lot of future for this period of warfare.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Building of the Week and Blog Giveaway Score

First up is a huge Thank You to Jonathan over at Palouse Wargaming Journal who pulled my name out of the hat scoring me a copy of 1805 Austerlitz so I have some great Napoleonic reading ahead of me and just after I secured some Austrian's in 6mm. OK Lee will be the one with those guys but I look to get the French to face them. I will crack on with the book I am reading at the moment so that can move to the front of the queue.

Now don't get too excited as I am not actually finished with the Total Battle Miniatures Spanish Hill Village, rather I have most of the base finished and have added some of the other TBM buildings showing that it can be used for multiple periods and locations just by switching buildings over. 

I still have to add about 20% of the bushes come trees to the base as well as fill in the odd spot where it is not fully covered and also add static grass here and there.

The rocky sections look great with a reasonable amount of dry brushing. I also intend to add bits of static grass and vegetation to a few spots so as to give it some more life.

I have been using Woodland Scenic's Olive Green Bushes with a little of a lighter colour added to the mix. The cast bushes are OK but painted bushes never really do it for me, possibly as I have never been that good at that part of modelling. 

I really like the texture and reasonably happy with how the stonework finished up. The road and ground have enough texture to save sanding though I used the same way of painting it to try and get it to match the bases. I should have the last of the real modelling on this finished tonight and the buildings are about 40% done. I hope to finish the buildings by the end of next week but no promises.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Round Up Time

A little light reading? Not according to my back! 37 Bernard Cornwell books (I also have two others) I never knew he wrote so many.These would be enough for anyone but I also have six books that looked interesting.

I don't know anything about Chris Kuzneski but they look to have some kind of historical connection so I am hoping they will be of interest. Given that I usually manage 4+ history books to every book of fiction this could keep me going for a long long time. Why did I get that Kindle?

It must be a month or more since I cleaned up my painting desk and it was queried what it would look like after a month. Well it looks quite messy but most of the things on it right now are at least being worked on if not today then at some point in the last few weeks. Seems like I have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that and as such not got a great deal finished. Well hopefully that will mean quite a few bits will all come to conclusion over the next few days/weeks.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Secret Santa is out of the blocks

OK just a quick post to let you know that all the Secret Santa's have been contacted and everyone should have a target. If you have not been contacted check your e-mail and if no info is there (from Sticking Chicken) then send me an e-mail and I will check with Cath.

If you have somehow fallen through it's not to late to jiggle things a bit, or should that be jingle things a bit? Cath want's me to say thanks for all those who have contacted her with messages regards this and also those who have sent wish lists to her. She will pass these on to the buyer. So if you don't want to add anything to your blog you can always send on to Cath and she is happy to send on. Of course you can always just surf your targets blog and get ideas.

On a slightly different subject, I have received my targets toys for the Santa Clause and just need to start painting it up. Well after some assembly first  ;-)

Short blog post tonight as it's my sons 7th Birthday tomorrow and if that is not enough excitement we have our first roleplaying session here tonight. So I have to shake the last of the rust off me and get ready to rumble but one last thing before I go, Dave at One Man and His Brushes has got in touch with me regarding a lot of 6mm Adler his mate wants to sell. It's a very good offer and the figures that are painted are excellent and painted by none other than Dave him self, I have coveted owning some of Dave's work for some time so between me and Lee we are snapping them up. I have a great deal of interest in the Prussians (a mix of painted and unpainted) and possibly the early French whilst Lee is looking at the Austrians and yes more Russians. The whole lot has to be split between us one way or another but I can see me stretching into more Nations than originally planned which is the way it goes but now I have an excuse, it was Dave's fault ;-)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I'm a Sucker for Books!

I love a good book, and to be honest I don't seem to be able to read them fast enough. Now the books above are not ALL the books I have yet to read, these are just the ones to hand. All but two of them though have been bought in the last six months (along with others) with a good chunk from a local Library sale with prices between 20-40p another two from Newstead Abbey where the author was selling his ECW fiction so I grabbed a couple. A real mix of history and historical fiction. I have what may well be the rest of the Bernard Cornwell books and some other fiction coming soon as someone at work is selling her father in laws books at 30p a pop. All told about another 20 books.

So the question on my mind is why did we buy a Kindle? Well I will answer that in a future post along with a request for places to find good free History books.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fantasy Update, It's About a Dwarf

With the Fantasy figures for the players in the upcoming game (Wednesday!) I like to think of them as Commissions and as such try and get the figures to match their exact requests whilst at the same time trying to add what I think will make them a better looking mini. 

This is all well and good IF the person you are painting for is at home with it and do not have very set ideas on how the figure wood look. For the Dwarf I had quite specific instructions, lots of dark colours, grubby looking with red/brown hair.

My main concern was that a lack of light in the figure would end up making the result look too dark given the size of the figure. As such I tried for a more medium finish but when this was rejected only went a few shades down. The owner was still not happy and another repainting of the trousers and tunic brought it to the lighter end of dark with a few washes on the trousers to dull them down further.

The end result on the cloths left the owner rather happy and I could move on to the hair which I started off a really dark brown and brought it up through four highlighting stages by adding oranges to the brown. The end result gives it some depth and rather than being a red head looks to be red brown as requested. I mostly used the last highlight on the lower parts of beard and hair as well as the moustache and eyebrows. 

I finally gave up on the eyes after re-doing them more than ten times, he will just have to put up with a wall eye ;-)

This is an old character from previous gaming, he comes along with a pony and dog. I so happened to have a pack horse so will paint that up over the next few weeks but the old dog model has disappeared so I bought this old fellow at Derby a few weekends ago and painted him up last night. I will say no more about him until after the first session or two.
Anyone worried that this is all I have been doing can relax. I also have a 6mm Hussar Regiment to show off tomorrow, this is the first of the new Baccus Cavalry and the other three are well on their way and should be sorted fairly soon though I am trying to get the last two character figures finished before the first session in just two painting sessions time.

I have also started on all the gunners and three French Infantry battalions I want finished this month as well as getting started on those Zulu's. Once I have enough figures painted for the adventurers I can ease off a little though I still need to get more of the monsters painted ready for future games but once we get to playing just once a month the pressure on these will drop back further.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Building of the Week? How About A Review?

OK I wanted to talk about Leven Miniatures and I have not yet got anything done with the buildings on my table so I thought I could get a bit more out of it by combining the two ideas.

A box of resin, this was after getting the foam peanuts out.

I am sure anyone who has read the notice on Mikes blog has immediately thought NO!!!!!!!!!!!! You would not be on your own, it was my first reaction quickly followed by concern for Mike as I knew he has great plans for range extensions so was sure it would not be something good.

Turns out that the issue is not so fast as to stop Mike in his tracks and after a week or so thought he has already sorted out some of the issues ready for when things do have to change. That said it won't actually make as much difference as first thought as he still will have production facilities but it may I think put a short term spanner in the works for his plans on doing shows. This is bad news for those wanting to get to look at the buildings in the flesh but a relief for postal purchases. 

I placed my order and got a reply the same day telling me that he would have to cast up a few of my bit's, hardly surprising given the number of walls I had ordered and once done I would get the invoice. Sure enough I got an invoice the following day and a few days after that I had my products. Total time was about four or five days from ordering to door and that included a Sunday!

Now I have a good relationship with Mike so maybe, just maybe I got a little extra treatment from him but you know what? I don't think it's the way Mike rolls, I think I just got the Leven service and as such any one who has been put off my the announcement on his site should think again and get that order in. The problem if you like (I like to think of it as refreshing) is that Mike can be rather too honest, he downplays the quality of his goods and over plays the disruption of his business though I am glad to see that he has downgraded the original message that had spawned a number of self help groups (that was a joke for those who need telling, LOL)

So back to the Building of the week thingy 
These are the items won in my Leven Giveaway recently, now all I have to do is get them painted and sent on. I think they will be for some 6mm ACW gaming and I will get them washed and started over the weekend.

All these are for me, mine all mine. These are to be added to my tiny town and will be going on a couple of my larger tiles to represent the slum part of town, don't expect much in the way of grass  ;-)

Remember how I washed a set of steps for my post mill away? Mike offered to send me a replacement straight away. I replied that I could wait and to send it with my next order. Well I forgot to ask when I placed the order but Mike did not when it came to packing it. What can I say, excellent customer service.

Whilst I was ordering something for me Lee wanted to add a bit to the order. Ended up being EIGHT sets of walls, I am thinking these may well be for the Quatre Bras game and/or Waterloo and even if it's enough?

So rather a lot of resin is hanging around my house right now. I am guessing I had better get started

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Prussian 6mm Artillery by Adler

Nine days into October and only just putting up the last of the Prussians finished in September. With these I am finally ahead of target on all the Prussians, though I really need to get on with more gun's to stay ahead I suppose.

The two things I take the least pleasure in doing is painting guns and horse's furniture. I guess that makes these a bit of a pain then. Being truly honest they did paint up rather well with a lot less bother than I expected. Well sculpted lines made them easier to paint whilst cutting the over extended axles back made the gun's look very much more like I think they should do. All that said I think once I have all my guns painted up from Adler I will just grab the fully cast ones Baccus offer just because they are so much easier to get on with. 

As you can see the limbers are great models and I can highly recommend them but they are fiddly. Those tiny wheels are a bit of a paint to fit but the end result was well worth it if your prepared for the extra time and effort you need to put into Adler if you want the best results.

I just hope the blue on the limbers and guns will be acceptable as it seems every source I have looked at has given me a different shade making me plumb for a colour I most liked. I am starting to favour a more sparse grass finished base. Strange as I have always thought these looked the least realistic, such is the irony of my hobby.

Here we have the guns deployed ready to give some out to the French, hopefully they will do terrible when they take the field for Waterloo as I will be playing as the French. The great thing about guns and crews is that they don't really take much time to paint them up and so you can get results really quick.

So that's four guns and two limbers all ready for the big game, this gives me eight guns (four batteries) done so far. So the Prussians are coming along nicely though the four Hussar Regiments are now parked more than half way through waiting a chance back at the front of the queue as I have moved onto another couple of projects. The good news is I should get one more unit off the table tonight. Good job really as the Leven Buildings for my giveaway have arrived along with shall he say a few others  ;-)

Catch you later, I have a box with my name on it.