Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

No Secret Santa This Year

It is with some regret that I announce we will not be doing Secret Santa this year. In the last few months I have struggled to get more than a few posts together and before I knew it we are in September. Given that it's been a month since I blogged anything on this blog I really have to face facts that it would not be a positive experience if I was to try and run Secret Santa this year.

As for the blog I really have struggled since March to keep any kind of regular posting schedule. First I was not really feeling the painting so I was reduced in what to post but since then I have actually been turning out some reasonable rate of painting and played a few games but being out of the habit of posting I have failed to blog the results.

I have made real efforts with my ASL blog and have at least got a few posts out from that after that had really nose dived so I am hoping to get back to this blog sometime but I feel if I push it now I will simply get frustrated and then annoyed then gone. Hopefully a break is what I need. I will probably find my feet again when the painting challenge starts but I don't think I will take part this year as I really felt the burn last year and with me then going to a ASL show I was ill for over a month after through getting over tired, though that was more the ASL con than the Painting Challenge I still felt the strain.

Again sorry for SS and the poor showing here over this year, hope to get going again once over the hill.