Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Young Miniatures WWII Commando

The first stage is a basic acrylic covering, the colours do not need to be super accurate and this is especially the case with the flesh. In this case I have used Iraqi Sand as per a painting tutorial. Over the grey undercoat and surrounded with so much green he looks a bit Kermit. 

Next up will be adding the oils and blending between the different shades. I have painted up a test on a spare head so have a good understanding of how it will progress.

I was quite happy with how the leather strap on the helmet worked out. Far less with the balaclava though this would look better once varnished.

In the end I switched back to acrylic after painting the skin, helmet and uniform as I was not happy with the colours I used for the webbing and backpack.

Bust is by Young Miniatures, these tend to be very well sculptured and great detail. This in fact is probably one of the lesser detailed models but still has bags of detail.

The plinth is from Model Display Products here in the UK. Quite a simple design so sits in the background. For my WWII larger busts I will keep with these if they look right.

It was the backpack that really broke me. Just could not get the colours I wanted from the oils but in the end happy with the mix of mediums.

Quite happy how the oils worked out on the tunic, it's given some nice texture making the fabric a bit more realistic. Took an age to dry though.

As usual the last bit was the worry. Adding a bit of camo grease to be more like the box art! Still got a long way to go before I get to an acceptable level but I am enjoying the ride.