Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Building of the Week Part II - Medieval Timber Barn

Just finished off this barn a short while ago just in time to be used as this weeks building of the week. Whilst it is sold by Leven Miniatures as FAR11 Medieval Timber Barn & Hay Loft I think this building has a few more uses. it would have gone well with the ACW buildings I have just sent off to Sweden and more importantly to me, as a general barn in Belgium. It may not be perfect for either location or time line but it works well enough for me.

It's another bargain at £2.50 a model and is typical Leven wares. I had painted up the wooden body of the barn a fair few weeks ago but got distracted by the Giveaway Buildings and it's sat waiting since. Today I did the usual pull out and finish off in a fairly quick fashion. I left the windows full black as the windows would not be glazed. 

The roof is a great shape which lends itself to my preferred location quite well. Indeed it had better as this is the first finished building for our Quatre Bras game and explains why it is not sitting on a base. Once the game is over then it might be added to a more permanent setting along with the farmhouse I have started work on.

Quite a speedy paint job so nothing fancy but that works with this building. We have yet to plan out exactly the number and type of buildings to be used in the display game but I have a fair few I can take over for us to plan it out a bit so that decision is not so far away.

The Analogue Painting Challenge starts in just over two weeks and the prepping is stepping up all over the globe. I have joined in this but right now I am in finish off mode as I try to get all the part painted miniatures finished and have a clear run. Still I managed to prep another twelve battalions of French Napoleonic's this morning and spray up seven 28mm's for my Fantasy Campaign so the prepping is not being neglected.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Building of the Week Part I Leven Release New Mediterranean Buildings

After the flurry of new releases of late September through October you could be forgiven if you thought Leven Miniatures would now be resting on it's laurels but no yet another embryo range is spawned. Mike has released six Mediterranean buildings into what is possibly the most crowded area of painted buildings with Timecast, Total Battle Miniatures and Baccus all having buildings for this area listed under Italian or Spanish buildings. I seem to have all the TBM and most of the Timecast but it will not stop be getting these once I have generated some game funds and possibly post the painting challenge. 

What looks clear to me is that these buildings are no clowns of other ranges but are nice and different to what is available. Given the slightly smaller size that Leven tend to be it will be interesting how well they fit in with the other providers but I was pleased that at Blog-Con no one mentioned any size issue with our game but only had words of praise for the detail Leven buildings displayed.

Taken from the Leven website
These buildings look quick to paint and come together as a nice core for a range to be built round them. Each building is £2.50 each a typically low Leven price and look to be a bargain. 

Part II of Building Of The Week will be a Leven building but not from this range so look out for tomorrow post.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Board Wargaming Project Quatre Bras

First ASL now mention of more Board Games? Er that would be no, in this case it's the playing surface of our 6mm Quatre Bras game. All nine boards to be exact which you may remember is 6' by 5'.

This is the sight that met me when I nipped round to Lee's last night. He had sealed the hills in brown Sandex and started to add varnish to the stream and pond bed as well as marking the roads out as you can see from the picture above. My forces will be coming from the left of the picture. 

Here you can see the road area far more clearly and the area to the bottom of the image is the sight of one of the farms and the stream crosses just beyond this with the large pond to the left. A bridge crosses this point and I expect this spot to see some hot action as Lee tries to hold the bridge and I try to batter him into giving up the position, though it's a strong position as a hill is just to the right across the stream.

The pond which will do little other than divert my troops round it but by the time Lee has finished with it it will be worthy of a few shots just because it looks so good.

Here we have the crossroads of Quatre Bras towards the rear of the table and will be one of the locations I need to try and capture to gain the victory. The buildings will be strung out along the roads and should supply some nasty action if I get there and Lee still has a force to be dealt with. 

A view from Lee's side of the board. The hill you see running along the right hand edge is almost totally covered with a woods that historically was fought over a great deal. In our original playtest it was also to see a lot of the action though I was also driving hard in towards the centre with Quatre Bras  in the distance.

Well I left the boards looking a lot different to this as we painted the whole of the none road/stream/building area's and then coated in a layer of sand. Quite a quick process that ended with us having quite a natter that was only in part this game but was 100% games. 

One nugget that came from the chat was that I have a total of 76 French battalions to paint up with a smattering of cavalry as I have most of these painted already. No it's the infantry and guns that need most of my attention as well as of course the Prussians still on the block. The bright spot is that I have already got about 30 of these either painted or bought needing basing so I have enough time to paint these up and still be able to paint up a rainbow of other figures. A good job with what I have incoming and already waiting it's turn.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


The French ASL zine Tactiques was responsible for a huge number of ASL scenarios and I have always wanted to dip my toe into them but with so many purchased scenarios waiting to be played I was always finding something else to play but after another successful game with Jon and a look on his play list with a note saying I really want to have a go at this Tac scenario......

Well it was not a big jump to playing it, especially as RAW had it dead even on a rather large sample of plays. I was the defender and immediately I was drawn to a few points.  Lots of turns (well it was on Jon's play list after all) the Canadians had a lot of legs AND a 10-2 leader. They also had a good supply of support weapons AND a 10-2 leader. OK I may have mentioned that leader twice but he does rather go with both points rather well.

On the other hand I was SS and was using the black counters so whilst I may not have the numbers I was SS AND Black. I also had stone buildings and a dug in tank which was set to dominate the approach. 

Weak points for the Canadians was that they would have to cross the open ground though their high numbers and 8 Morale was going to negate this a little but no matter what morale you have, KIA has no respect.

Weak points for the Germans is just the lack of troops, high morale is good but when you have only a few weapons with rate you can quickly run out of things to go bang, especially if the rate monkey is out to lunch.

I set up to defend forward of the victory buildings but also set up a fairly strong side force to force the Canadian's to either attack direct or waste time tacking on the side position or swinging even wider. Though 11 turns is plenty of time even if Jon did this.

Right fro the start Jon was whittling away at my troops, the +3 cover and 8 morale seemed not to be the barrier I needed it to be. Not that Jon cut swaths through my troops, just a little cut here and a knock there. In return I was causing far to small a loss as a soon to be familiar story of not even causing Jon to rely on that 8 morale. 

Not that it was all down to high rolls, no Jon certainly deserves credit for making good use of the terrain but more so the use of smoke. His mortars were dropping so much smoke it was like London in the sixties. Here the fatal flaw in my plans started to show through. The smoke made the need to go round rather redundant but the area between his flank and my flanking force was as clear as a bell and rather than threatening his flank this force was stuck unable to reposition for the defence of the victory locations. Sure they did break a few units but did not kill any units and was eventually wiped out having not added a single turn to the game.

By turn five Jon was in position to attack my main line in front of the VC locations, my flank force was gone and Jon still had far to many troops still alive. At this point the clouds seemed to part some, the choking smoke was somewhat reduced as the odd tubes was either out of smoke or the crews were broken and the Turret and supporting infantry was doing just enough to keep throwing back the half squads that tried to line up with the PIATS hoping to take out the turret. 

However the sun did not shine so long as come turn seven when I needed to be hot and Jon cold I was in refrigerator heaven and Jon came back at me with so much punishment he asked for me to capitulate. Now I don't want you to read this as I had bad luck Jon had good luck, that's not quite the case. Jon had to have average luck to grind me down over the next couple of turns whilst I needed to have a stellar run of turns to cut back his force that a chance of victory could be held onto.

Indeed Jon really had to be very unlucky by this point for him to loose the game, his 10-2 leader had a kill stack that had suffered the loss of a MMG when the crew broke against the odds but this then got a good dig back and I responded with boxcars of the morale check though simple breaking at that point would have been the same thing as it had no flank support.

If anything I got lucky on turn 7 as I could have hung around for another two or three turns as Jon just blasted me steadily to bits. No my problems were delivered turn two to five where I failed to get the kills in part to positioning and the desire to keep some units concealed and in part to smoke and poor rolls. 

End result I would say was 75% poor tactical play and 25% bad luck. You know you have gone wrong when you hope for good luck and curse the lack of it.

The flanking position is marked by the malf'ed LMG at the bottom middle of the image. At this point I had lost more troops than the Canadians, not a good place to be when your already out numbered. Jon on turn 7 would have been able to run past the last few squads I had in good order snatching the victory locations off me. Or if he had a mind simply flank my last resistance and move behind me, either way he had the win wrapped up within two turns so well played.

Regardless of result what was my feeling? First up don't follow my example, the idea that I could slowly work back to the victory area on the right flank was fatally flawed as they were always under threat of being cut off. The failure to do much damage on the run in did effect the enjoyment to an extent as each phase of each turn clicked by I knew I had less and less chance of winning. On the other hand part of me enjoyed the fact that Jon was moving ever more comfortably towards that win as he took the few chances he needed to whilst watching me subject myself to the dice gods.

It was my tie to take it on the chin and hopefully I did it with good grace, I am not sure I would choose to play again as either side but again with so many scenarios to play I can say that about a lot of them. It's enough that Jon will have had a right old time and as anyone who has played Jon would tell you, win or loose Jon is a joy to play against laughing at your misfortune or gains as hard as he does his own.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Fantasy Figure Female Ranger

Another Player Character off the paint desk and into the game. Only problem is that this is again a stand in figure as this is a Human Ranger and we need an Elf Ranger. I did not realise how difficult it would be to find a figure that would suit. Seems there is not so many Female Elf figures that are not pure magic users about. So any recommendations are very welcome.

This is in fact real old school Fantasy and I think it's a Grenadier  model. Don't hold me to it though, just seems that Cath had a handful of Grenadier castings and it looks their style. The player actually does not have all the kit the figure has but it seemed the closest that we had on hand.

I have to admit their is something a bit Wonder Woman about the figure, what with the head gear and the flowing hair. Not that it struck me as so when I was painting it up which is probably a good job. Another fairly basic paint job with just a few high and low lights added per colour.

I like the pose and it's interesting that two of the five figures chosen are using bows and not swords. I guess it's the Ranger in them ;-) Again I went with greens for the most part but had some fun with the armour, just because. Now all the players are done I can add some real colour to the game with the NPC's I have in mind.

Sometime this week  will do a little write up on the campaign so far and it has been that bit more colourful through using a few adventure hooks from Gothridge Manor well actually his excellent zine The Manor and one of Tim's adventure on a page so for any one running a Fantasy Campaign it's well worth dropping buy and getting yourself a copy. The Manor 5 came out over the weekend and already I have a few ideas from it in mind for sometime in the campaign so well worth picking up. More on these when I do the campaign write up.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Prepping and a Visit to Caliver Books

Just like oh so many of the Fourth Annual Painting Challenger participants I have been stepping up the preparation but unlike last year I am covering all the bases as I have now in my possession new brushes and as of yesterday five cans of primer and three of Varnish not mentioning the part used cans of both types. Now it's a dream of mine to use them all up in the next three months!

Yesterday is was a pleasure to visit Caliver as the fairly young member of staff was just great. I took my son along, dropping the wife and daughter off at Ikea on the way in (It's just up the road from the Eastwood store). We had been in the store awhile and I gave the three cans I had picked up on top of my order to this gent and asked about a few paints not in the racks that he immediately went looking for but alas without success. 

On his return he asked my Son (age 7) if he liked tanks, he said he did so the gent asked which was his favourite. After due consideration he replied not sure, I just like them all (he has yet to really get into the names etc). Five minutes later the gent came back with a small model and asked my Son if he wanted it, which after getting over the idea that yes this was happening said yes please so he came home with this....

Here we have a rather nice Sherman Firefly, which I am sure most of you will have already guessed from a quick look at the image. What is not so obvious from that glance is the scale.

Those lolly sticks look a bit big in the background, could it really be that small? Well yes it can, this is a 10mm scale model with revolving turret. 

It's also a kit of only two pieces, yes it's one of those 3D printed models you will have heard so much about and the detail is just mind glowingly good.

Told you it was a wee thing. It really does sell me to the idea of this material for a number of future products and it blows open the possibilities. Another thing to excite is as the cost drops for the hardware it's even possible we will get one at work at some point, do you think I could convince them that it's OK for me to have a play?  :-)

Anyway it worked out to be quite a good day for all concerned and I was able to concentrate today on painting up a few figures to almost finished stage which will allow me to finish off more of the recently bought painted units for both the French and the Prussians.

I also have done a lot more prep work today and have well over one hundred 15mm Roman's ready for the challenge and nearly three hundred 6mm Napoleonic's all ready for the off. 

Add the twenty plus 28mm's ready from last year and expectation of a few hundred Winter War 28mm's arriving between now and the end of March it's fair to say that I will not run out of figures before I run out of time.

I also have a few idea's for the various themes some will need purchasing whilst others I have in hand and I also bought the Last Stand figures yesterday but still need to clean them up, make a few conversions and then spray them ready for that round.

Yes I think I am all ready for the Challenge kick off

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Building Of the Week V's Blog Giveaway

I had a blog giveaway not so recently and one prize was £9 worth of Levin Miniatures buildings that were to be painted by me. Well I encountered a few delays most of my own making but at last I have finished them today and re-launched building of the week after three weeks break.

So I give you a 6mm barn that could have been straight out of The Walking Dead, but instead it's going to be used in 6mm ACW battles I believe.

This American Style Barn (FAR12) costs £2.50 and is a very straight forward paint. So much so I added a few replacement planks in the walls to give it a little more interest. The basic paint job then got a Chestnut Brown drawing ink wash followed when dry with Iraqi sand dry brush on all but the roof sections.

It's a fairly simple building though I really like the shape of the model. If it was for a more modern setting I probably added some colour to the window frames and/or doors. As it is I still like the finished product.

GEN09 Timber Water Mill again great value at £2.00. From this angle it could just be a rehouse or workshop and it would be great if the mill workings could be removed by Mike and the building offered in that variant as well.

Again the ink wash was used but this time I left it alone and allowed the ink to do all the work. This way the two buildings can be on the same part of the board without them looking the same.

HUT05 is part of the Miscellaneous section but seems ideal for the ACW fan's and is nice and cheap at £1.50 It's as simple as it gets and quite small coming home at £1.50 and again I used the same style of painting as the Water Mill.

All three together, though the hut seems a little larger than it is with it in the front. So the fast counters amongst will have noted that this does not make £9 and you would be right.

Take a look in accessories and you will find ACC01  a pack of ten tents for £2.50 comprising of five large and five small tents which actually was the most time consuming and challenging to paint.

It's not easy to see but I painted on creases and shading to try and get them looking like canvas. In fact the only white on them was some of the final highlights the rest were versions of ivory and off white.

So these should be on their way sometime this wee and so beet the Christmas rush. Now I had better gone with some more of mine for next week.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Three For One Post

First up a big shout for Dave at One Man And His Brushes who hit 100,000 hits recently and is having a give away to celebrate. If you have not visited Dave's blog then your missing a real treat that goes way beyond serious eye candy so take this excuse to go see what you have been missing.

Keeping on the subject of Dave, I got home today to find a package from him with more of the 6mm I had bought off his mate. These are a few more of the Brunswick troops that have been painted up by no less a man than Dave himself (do you love the bridge eh?)

These chaps double the lance armed cavalry I received at Blog-Con and completes the regiment rather nicely.

I single base of eight infantry that will be added to the others allowing me now to field four Battalions if I add the skirmish elements to them. I really like what Dave achieved when painting up these guys.

Five command figures which now gives me seven command figures which means three command bases so a big smile as I tick that box.

And this curious base with the three guns and a limber with a few dead crew. I already had a base of these but with four guns on it, I can only assume they were for a set of rules to show a gun position that had been overrun? Well like all the other figures they are excellently painted.

So thank you Dave for sending the extra bit's and sending them on to me. I was talking to Lee on Wednesday and he has now sanded all his painted bases and just needs to drybrush them and tuft, some how I feel inadequate  :-)

Not that these were the only items to land on the doorstep as I also have reinforced the brushes ready for the challenge as some of the larger brushes were getting to the past it stage and given I am planning on painting more of the larger figures in this challenge I thought it an idea to be ready, though Rosemary & Co are so fast at turning orders round I would not have been without long at all.

Keeping on the subject of gathering forces for the Challenge I am off to Caliver Books on Saturday to pick up more primers as I am down to the last two cans an well if I see something that looks right for one or more of the themes I will be grabbing some more lead, well it would be rude not too after all.

I also have been cleaning up figures and have added three Legions in 15mm that will be ready to roll on day one and I expect any day my Winter War package, oh it's sure exciting.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812 Kindle Edition Review

Some of you will be aware that recently my wife convinced me we should get a Kindle as Amazon were offering the basic Kindle for silly money. Well I knew Amazon also offered history books on the Kindle as well as novels and some of these were either rather cheap or even free and what's more some of these free books actually were worth reading. The fact that Cath seemed to be interested it getting one of these devil machines got me to agree with the idea, I mean I may have enough books already waiting for me to read to keep me going a year or more but Cath has read over 100 books already this year. We could save a load of money! 

Fast forward about two or so months and we have about six books on the Kindle all of which seem to be mine. According to Cath I would never agreed to buying one for myself, though she still alludes to wanting to add something herself...... one day. So I have added to my stash of books having spent a total of £0.99p but of course the books are only any good if you actually read them, especially when it's on such a contraption.

Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812 cost exactly zip so it's the right kind of price but I would prefer to pay for a book than waste time reading a poor book. Well first off it was published in 1913 three years before the author Achilles Rose died. The book is not so much about the campaign of 1812 but rather about the medical effects on the men during this campaign but not just the terrible retreat from Moscow.

Indeed the suffering and loss of life started on the way to Russia mostly starting with the passage through Poland. The book touches on the Military but this is mostly background information and the reader is really shown the effects on body and mind that such a gruelling march under poor conditions could cause. The irony of suffering the heat in thick woollen coats into Russia and the suffering from the cold in threadbare cloths on the way out is not lost on the reader.

I downloaded this book with the idea that it would be about the campaign, battles etc. and being free had the opportunity to discard it for want of interest with no loss than a few hours wasted getting into the book. But that is not what happened, instead I was rather taken with the subject. Sure I would not have picked the book to read if I had known the nature of the book but I have to say that I am pleased I did. It's well worth reading if you want to read around the period and adds a layer of knowledge I am richer for gaining.

For those without either a Kindle or interest in using any other electrical reader you can still buy a second hand paperback for less than £7, for the rest well it be free you know.

The effect has been that I will continue to try getting a book on the fringe of my interests and why not when they are giving them away?

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dark Sword Ranger

Actually Dark Sword has this figure as Prince of the North, Male Archer DSM-1121 but for us the figure was a stand in for a player until the correct figure could be found. Even so I wanted to do a good job for two reasons. First it was a way of welcoming a new player into roleplaying and showed him that we wanted to do well. Secondly, the sculpt was so damn good it deserved a good job.

I mostly went for a mix of forest like colours without a lot of green, though the trousers do look a bit bright in the pictures. Well in the flesh they are still a bit bright but I really like the overall effect. In the end it was a little rushed to get it finished as the first session saw the figure almost finished. The only figure fully finished that night though was the Dwarf as even Lee had not quite finished his figure.

Whilst the Dark Sword miniatures are excellent I am not much of a fan of the raised bases and I may have been tempted to remove the figure from it's base if I had more time. Overall I would rate this figure as a 8 out of 10 as it really works for me as an adventurer and has the right historical feel that I want in my games. It lacks what most figures tend to and that's furniture. He has a small dagger as well which is great but not so much as a purse never mind anything else to carry any equipment. I realise you can't have all the gear they carry displayed on the figure but a little something would help.

As you can see from the close up the miniature has a wealth of detail and rewards even a casual attempt to join the dots. I have a good few more Dark Sword figures, most will be NPC's and occasional contacts but all will be given the good brush treatment.

Monday, 18 November 2013

New Baccus French Artillery Review

First up sorry about the odd image my camera is in desperate need of replacement and in these shots it shows but given that I can use what I have now or wait till Saturday I have gone for today. Fortunately not all the shots are a bit rubbish. These are of course the new Baccus French Napoleonic Artillery. 

Here we have all of them together to give you an idea of the size differences. As you can see the difference is very easy to spot with the bigger guns really being BIGGER. As every girl will tell you, size does matter, especially when it comes to your cannon's.

Bless him, the 4lb is a tiny gun that is more suited to the earlier period as Battalion guns and as such could be included on the infantry bases without much trouble.

I do have a soft spot for the howitzer, and whilst I did rather like the original this one is just that bit (well a fair bit) better and the one cast piece of all the guns makes it even better.

So onto the 6ld gun and now were talking. This will see a lot of service in many a French army and it's big enough to command respect whilst remaining a lovely detailed model.

Now we have the 8ld gun and again the size increase is obvious when sat next to it's 6lb buddy. Though it's fairly easy to tell the difference with a few Battalions between then.

The 12lb gun though is not a similar jump as it's more breadth of barrel than length but along side each other it's clear. When separated though the 12pr still has a presence of it's own. It looks mean and I love it, which is a good job as I have a number of these on order.

So it's all good right? Well almost and like other reviews before I feel a bit like nip picking but having spent some time thinking about this I am not sure I am in this case.

The biggest issue I have is that the original Baccus guns are larger than even the mighty 12pdr though it looks far less mean. This means for the artillery heavy (yes me) well I have to decide if I want to replace the old guns with new (not sure if Peter will allow the purchase of guns without crews but I think he may have said so ages ago when I was talking about it) this is a bit of a pain as it's yet more painting of guns which is not my favourite past time, though if bought with crews E-Bay will cover the cost I am sure.

The other point is the crews. Yes the new crews are much nicer cast figures and another French upgrade but I liked a few of the poses in the old crews and it's a shame these poses did not make it through to the new batch but if they had you would have difficulty seeing the differences.

Neither reason is a spoiler as such and won't stop me has not stopped me buying the new castings and whilst the older larger guns is a bit of a downer I am glad Peter was brave enough to replace with a better scaled set of guns so I forgive him. As for the other crews, well I still have the old ones to play with.

Summing up, these are a very welcome addition to the range and have come at a good point in the process of replacing the whole French force. Not enough can be made out of the single casting technique, the guns, limbers and caissons will all eventually be single cast items. Just a glance at the guns shows the benefits of a single cast item as they look RIGHT. No wonky wheels or poor joints to be seen. I will go as far as saying it's probably the biggest advance in metal figures in the last twenty years, yes I am serious.

Anyway enough grovelling to Sir Berry as I like to call him ;-) 

Couple of final points, I have received some of the Generals and ADC's which I will get painted up soon. I also have received the correct figures for the Hussars and will get them painted up and on the blog as soon as I can. I still have to finish off the Currassiers sometime soon, oh the trials of a figure painter.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

First of the Many, Adler Prussians from Blog-Con

Lee and myself have been busy basing up our gains from Blog-Con. Whilst Lee has gone all at getting them based I have been focused on finishing. So Lee has almost all his painted figures based but waiting further developments I in turn have based and textured varnished and flagged twelve battalions of Prussians. This allows them to be added to my force and packed in boxes ready to play. Not only does this protect them but actually gets them out of the way as room is at a premium and with the expected influx of figures this month I need to clear space.

All Regiments are from the IVth Corp so I have effectively started all three Corp that saw action at Waterloo itself. Here we have the 15th Reserve Regiment wit it's three Battalions all in column. I have done this on all the bought battalions so far. I want these to be done nice and quick though I am rather pleased with how they have come out. 

The figures arrived glossed and I think this was done with the brush on type and air bubbles and pooling had caused them to look a little ropey. However once based and matted down they look much better. 

A close up of Reserve Regiment 18, unfortunately the shot of the whole regiment was blurred. It was great to be able to put together so many battalions giving my Prussians a significant boost.

I have two regiments of Landwehr, here is the 3rd Silesian Landwehr with a distinctive pair of Colours.  In actual fact I just had five battalions so one spare Reserve battalion has been pressed into service for the time being.

I really could have done with more Landwehr than line as I need far more of these guys for the Waterloo game. Still they will come in very useful as we are bound to fit in many a game that requires yet more Prussians. This is a good job given the number of Prussian units I have unpainted.

More Silesian Landwehr, this time the 4th Regiment but this time none Baccus flags for a change. I still have a number of Baccus flags but most are for Grenadiers and from here on in the sheets will be much lower value for me as I don't want to repeat the known regiments colours for other units. It would be great if Baccus could supply just a mix of generic flags that would suit Reserve and Landwehr.

So what's next? Under prep at the moment is six battalions of French and three of Prussian, all Baccus. Added to this is four ensigns for the last six Line Battalions I have waiting to be finished and enough skirmishes for six Adler Battalions of French that need the skirmish lines adding. This will see the last of the usable Adler painted ready for action. When I say usable I mean for our Waterloo game. I still have the Brunswick's (Lee already has these), the Bicorn French and the Polish infantry to base up and will fit these in at some point.

All 12 Battalions finished.
I have all the Prussian cavalry to base up which will be done between painting over the next 3-4 weeks as well as the guns and limbers, then it's baton down the hatches as I go for it with the main body of the French and the Landwehr infantry. Project Waterloo is well on track whilst Project Quatre Bras is almost complete for the French.