Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 11 April 2021

The Joker And The Thief Bust £30

 At last something that is not even remotely linked to wargames or war. This bust is supplied by The Wonder Emporium UK I went for the 75mm tall one and would have loved to have gone for the larger one. 

Very little clean up work required as this is done before sending out. 3D printing has certainly made leaps forward. Plenty of detail and bags of character.

Even the back of the bust has nice detail. I have added a small plinth as it seems like it needed that bit more to set it off. 

I really like the monkey, the sculptor for me got the balance right and he shows life in himself. The jester for me seems rather sad so the lively monkey is his Yang.
I choose yellow as much because I wanted to use the Andrea yellow set on something much bigger than it had been used to this point with yellow being a tricky colour to work with. I was suitably impressed with it's coverage. Painted over a dark grey primer.
Cath thought I should go blue red but as I said I wanted to try the yellow and I think it worked with the green, this time a Scale75 paint set given to me by Dave D. what a gentleman.

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

6mm Prussian Landwehr by Adler

 With most of my painting time now used for none wargaming projects it was nice to take a step back into an old project and paint up some more Prussians for my 100 Days Prussian Army. I say 100 Days as these did not even show up at Waterloo as I have all those already painted.

As per most of my Landwehr we have Baccus skirmishers and Adler for the main body. A few of the bases also have mounted generals to add interest.

Three battalions leading the way, 4th Westphalia 1st Corp Second Brigade, only nine battalions of the Corp made a showing at Waterloo, though some cavalry and guns did. Of the infantry I only have nine reserve and three Landwehr battalions to complete the infantry as well as a regiment of cavalry and two guns then one Corp is fully finished. 
The 4th Corp just needs four cavalry regiments painting to be finished but that's because most of that Corp was at Waterloo. I have the figures to do most of the remaining units to have the lot painted up. The fact I will never need all these units for any battle remains a mute point now. Given the amount of money needed to get all the units I don't have I simply don't see the point of not doing them all.

The 3rd Elbe Landwehr regiment from the second Corp, 8th Brigade. This needs six battalions of Reserve Infantry three regiments of cavalry and four guns (2 batteries) to complete. Third Corp is the one needing the most work with 21 battalions of Reserve or Landwehr infantry six regiments of cavalry and six guns including a horse battery. These will probably be the ones finished last, well unless Lee suddenly wants to fight a battle that these were in!!!

I know it's kind of pointless painting up all these battalions when in many of the cases I can just sub a different battalion without much chance of being pulled up for using the wrong battalion based on collar or cuff being wrong but at least I can fantasise about using them all in a sweeping campaign.

I also painted up a couple more command bases. At some point I need to check how many I have so to make sure I can supply enough for any battle. Our rule system requires a fair few. Next up for this army is a couple of cavalry regiments but they are being bumped down the list as other projects need work doing on them.

Thursday, 1 April 2021

88th Foot Connaught Rangers Bust


This is the second Stormtrooper bust I have painted up but this time it's a new release. Three piece kit, the bust, the pipe and the plume, not a great deal of work to clean up, most of it was on the cloth under the shako. I wanted to do sunburnt skin and faded clothes but in the end chickened out.

The usual wooden plinth and brass rod I tend to use on Napoleonic busts though this time I polished the rod. Oh the fun of owning a dremel. I seem to be getting the hang of the Andrea flesh set, even though I still dodged the sun burn. 

I was disappointed with the washed out image of the cloth covering the back of his head, it's quite a subtle blend of colours, still need to practice with the light tent, dimmer setting next time.

The shako came out fairly well especially the brass plate that I inked and then touched back up. The mottled semi gloss on the peak is supposed to show the wearing off of the shine, not sure it comes off. The pipe comes empty so I filled with crushed tealeaves (post dunking in hot water). 

One area I have struggled with is making the leather look worn but this is my best effort yet, still got a long way to go but I finally was reasonably happy with the results.

I still have a German MG gunner, a French cuirassier  a Red Devil mini bust (started) a Jester (started) and a farmer bust in hand so plenty to keep me going bust wise.

I also have a few miniatures I have bought that do not fit in with the normal fare I paint because I like them as well as the usual pile.

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Eddie 'The Trooper' Twin Commission

 I have had little exposure to 3D printed figures up to this point so was not quite sure what I was agreeing to, possibly a good job. These are unfortunately one piece prints so was quite cumbersome and created a few challenges when it came to painting some areas part blocked by arm's swords or staffs etc etc etc.

One of the two at least was simply pained more or less as the singles sleeve, it's also a good representation of said artwork. Of course the detail not shown on the sleeve such as the back etc had to be added by the sculptor and I think they did a really good job of that.

The photo above gives you an idea just how big the figures are. Lots of detail is hidden in the clear resin, I have Vallejo's surface primer German Panzer Grey which is perfect for covering this semi flexible resin.
The Union flag is a bit bastardised, the actual artwork gets it really wrong so I was torn between doing it right and following the artwork. Made more difficult as one of them was going to a ex soldier!
The base is a resin plinth from Model Display Products and I have used cork bark for the stones and a liberal sprinkling of static grass and tufts, so may tufts.

I made good use of my new paint sets from Andrea for the red and blue of this one. The other was mostly Vallejo. Both were for the most part painted at the same time, all excepting the coat and trousers.

The second Eddie was painted in the Royal Engineers colours, well I hope so anyway. Both sword blades were a real pain, breaking off and I reattached them after finishing them. 

The gore on the blade was already there, I simply painted and varnished for the fresh look  ;-)

I was given the test piece for this figure but it lacks the bottom of the staff and I really don't plan on painting him any time soon. That's not to say I did not enjoy painting them but another would be pushing uphill for sure. 

The inspiration and reference material. Hopefully Iron Maiden won't be too upset with the finished product lol. It may not be a surprise that I have moved down a few scales to add more to my own Prussian Napoleonic army.

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Fallschrimjager Bust


This Fallschrimjager bust is from Mitches Military Models and is a new release. He has not been added to the website as yet so if interested you may have to contact him via the contact me button. It's a one piece casting which makes it a lot easier to work with than many a bust.

I also added a decal to the helmet that is designed with Action Men in mind. This being a 1/10 bust it's the same scale so perfect. The distinctive Splinter camouflage smock was a challenge but helped along by using the Andrea Color set for this camourflarge.

 Still struggling to get leather right, still a long way to go before I am really happy with it. The texture to the helmet makes it look more metal and I used oils to grime it up a little.

Technically by the time this camo was available the crest had stopped being put on the helmets. I claim artists licence and run for the hills. I have a second one of these busts so may paint it up in the earlier uniform variant. 

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Old Guard At Bay 75mm Figure and 6mm Reinforcements

 A couple of first's, first 75mm figure and first battalions for my 6mm French Napoleonic's for a couple of years. It was great to get back to painting some of my 6mm Napoleonic's especially as I was working on Old Guard in both scales.

A bit of a difference in size, I have only a few French Guard units in 6mm, I don't even have a large number of castings in hand as Lee took care of most of them for our Waterloo game. I always planned to add them but in no real hurry so will be happy to get through more of the castings I own before buying more.
The 75mm figure (over 90 to top of his bearskin) is from and they do a fair range of 75mm and 200mm figures and also busts of which I have already bought two. I am very tempted by the Hougoumont dio set which I will probably get at some point.

The kit is made of high quality resin and comes in about 15 parts, I had to paint them as parts rather than post assembly due to overlapping making it too difficult to paint made up. However the parts are really good fits and I have discovered Vallejo plastic putty which really helps seal gaps when putting together.

The figure is based on the final stages of the Battle of Waterloo where the Old Guard was under attack whilst the now defeated French army fell back in disorder with only the Prussians in pursuit. This is the first use of the Andrea white set, the effect I am pleased with for this old standard. The staff is also broken so I tried to represent this with rough painting of the staff.

The backpack was mostly oils to get the mixed finish of cowhide but again the white set was used for the straps. 

The greatcoat and trousers were Andrea blue set but I went a little darker base on the trousers being from different material and dies. The red on the standard is also Andrea (red set) and I really like working with them. The blue on the standard is a mix of Vallejo blues and came out how I wanted it to look.

The base is from and was dispatched same day as I placed my order! I do like using this company as having met the owner at a show he comes across as a top guy.

The wheat is from an Italian supplier and has great prices, I literally bough a huge box of materials from them a couple of years ago but this is the first use of these. is the company, has some great how to videos on his website. 

Back to 6mm, these are Baccus as is most of my French army. Whilst we normally do not use skirmisher bases with our rules we found they would be useful when we did the attack on Hougoumont so now when I paint a few units up I will add skirmish bases to the pile. I made the mistake of doing four figures on this one, they should have three. 

Don't really have much to say about them really, dice cells and bases from Warbases the bases being 60x60 but these are very old ones as they are pre laser cut era. Next up in 6mm will probably be some more Prussians. However I have finally got my figure mountain under 3000 figures!! 

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Boche Fini Finished

 My first 1/35 scale diorama came together rather quickly in the end. As always with something like this I learnt quite a bit as I went on.

Tamiya Bren Carrier and two figures from the British Patrol set, the Germans are from Master Box German Captives 1944as is the girl, Civilians, Western region WWII era. The old French man comes from Mini Arts French Civilians 30-40s. The dead German is by Stalingrad Miniatures. The base and wall are two kits from Fields of Glory and are plaster of paris with the top of the wall made from resin.

The figures are all plastic except the dead German which is resin. The old man's head is also resin. I have to improve my clean up, I found a few mould lines that should have been taken off appear once I had started to paint them!

The base was a joy to work with, as was the wall, the texture and detail made the basic paint easy and once that and the dry brush work was in place I went to town with pigments and inks. Amazing the detail that can add. Next time I will take even more time over it and make it more suttle.

Tamiya have the deserved reputation of being easy kits to work with with clear instructions. For me the poses of the crew really made this kit work so well. It was the core of my dio idea and helped me build the story tremendously. 

A cheeky pair, I built a gloss to the crews boots, the guys bringing in the prisoners don't, kind of subliminal detail.

I messed around with positioning of the prisoners, Cath pointed out that they were too evenly spaced so I moved them off from each other and was happier with the final positions, Cath can be very direct with her criticism which I am always grateful of.

The German figures for me make this dio, lots of detail and interesting. 

Never fully at ease with putting a dead man on the base I wanted to make it personal, next to his hand is a photo of his wife/girlfriend. Hopefully it will give people pause for thought if they were thinking good he's German. I added the girl mostly as she has a very stern look on her face. The idea that a dead man is just behind her but she is looking at the captured Germans so fiercely, went for lost youth kind of  feel. I also made her colourful to add another dimension.

Overall I am very pleased, I have my next one mapped out in my mind, more rural but won't get started for a month or so as I have other work in the pipeline. This ones for sale for £85 but can only be hand delivered as too delicate to post. I can see this being sold at a show sometime.

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Boche Fini Part 1

 Current project before going back to painting my next bust is a WWII 1/35 scale diorama depicting three German prisoners being escorted through a small French town towards a Bren Carrier. This is the first 1/35 scale vehicle I have ever built and painted so I wanted something fairly simple.

Tamiya have a reputation for producing a good balance between detail and assembly. Indeed I have noticed "they build themselves" more than a few times when reviewing others work. I have to admit it went together rather easily and the detail was good enough for me.

The kit comes with a fair amount of items to fill the carrier and many of these find their way into the model. The towing cable was a piece of string I painted grey black then used a piece of sponge to rub a mix of silver and oily steel onto the more raised parts. Quite chuffed with the finish. The decals that came with the kit gave me a fair choice and I went with the 3rd Infantry Brigade as that fits my choice of time and place.

I used a mix of pigments to create the dirt around the tracks and lower hull and splats over the whole hull. Mixing the pigments either with odourless oil paint thinner or for the thicker patches mat pigment 
binder. I wanted a dry look for the season though use of different binders can give a semi wet or wet finish.
I also used thinned oil paints to show dirt streaks gathering around and running off rivets and edged panels etc. I also added bare metal to areas than would see extra wear. I was restrained in this mostly but did a heavier effect on the interior as can be seen in the next image.

Whilst the kit comes with plenty of boxes and cans I wanted something different and found some resin additions that really fitted the on campaign look I wanted. The box of vegetables fits with the twin account details of French civilians showering troops with fruit and flowers and the trade that went off for fresh food against army chocolate and cigarettes. The rolled tarpaulin etc also are not quite drill book items.

The backpack and helmet was also part of the set I just added a strap from a bit of a pop can. Easier than I expected. The wine bottle is a Meng product, just a transparent plastic I simply added a cork/wax 
top and label.

As you can see it makes a fairly effective bottle of wine. I have three in the carrier, one as an empty. I found painting the carrier with an airbrush really helped generate different tones as I layered the different shades onto the model.

I also added a tin strap to one of the helmets that is in the carrier. The crew are all wearing berets so I needed to add the helmets. Two came in the resin set attached to packs whilst this one came from a weapons pack I bought for such use.
Crew all finished and their relaxed pose is just perfect for the scene I am trying to create. All told I think I took a little less than 30 hours from start to finish. 

I have also painted up a dead German and off camera is a French civilian, one of two the diorama will eventually have. I am now part way through painting up the two British escorts and assembled the three German prisoners and French girl. I would say I am about two thirds of the way through the project though I am not really sure the amount of time the base will require.