Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 22 February 2020

CGS Miniatures Polish Lancer WIP

I started this bust about two weeks ago, still got a fair bit left to do but happy with the progress so far. The bust is by CGS Military Figures and depicts a Polish Lancer at Waterloo. The detail is very crisp, casting very good and dimension's feel right. This is one of many Napoleonic busts they do and you will be seeing more of them as time goes on as I plan to do quite a few. Cost wise it's actually very cheap in comparison with many out there not that I am in any way qualified to judge one from another having painted just a couple of busts so far.

I still have the actual lance to build and paint as well as attach the right arm. Also plenty of touching up to get it looking right. It's possibly a bit light blue but it will contrast well with the cuirassier I plan to do at some point this year.

Just for fun, I have added a 6mm Prussian command base for scale. This and others will probably be my next post as I have finished these just before starting the bust. Once this bust is finished it's on with a couple of Macedonian Companion units from Magister Militum that I believe I bought either at the last trip to York or old Worlds Championships I attended. Not made a show in a few years now.