Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 13 December 2013

Adler Prussian Hussars and the last painted figures before the Painting Challnge

Ok so these are the last figures you will see from me before the 4th Annual Painting Challenge kicks off in a few days time. I actually started these a couple of months ago but got sidetracked as I wanted to cover the new cavalry by Baccus but once I started these again there was no stopping me as they were a lot of fun to paint.

As mentioned in the title, these are Prussian Hussars by Adler, the first on show being the 3rd Hussars which at Waterloo were in the 2nd Corps Reserve Cavalry formation. These have a nice deep blue uniform and like the other Hussars I painted some of the most colourful of the Prussian Army. 

As always with Adler the figures are full of movement and several poses helping to make it a fluid unit rather than the attack of the clones. Unfortunately though they do not do an officer figure which makes the inclusion of a standard bearer rather strange as they did not carry a flag!!!

Great detail as I have come to expect and given that all other Prussian Cavalry are fairly drab in uniform it was rather nice to be able to have the extra uniform detail to work with for a change.

the 4th Hussars were part of the Ist Corp and were actually part of the 1st Infantry Brigade so expect these boys to try and help force squares for their supporting infantry to deal with. I rather like the brown coats.

These had cuffs and collars in yellow, not the easiest colour to work with but Vallejo Flat Yellow usually helps out as it did here. 

Yellow braiding as well, what more could you want from a uniform? The colour of all the plumes is an uneducated guess which most of all came down to if I thought white or black would look the best.

6th Hussars were part of the IV Corp and in the Cavalry Reserve so will be used to try and bring the French to heel or chase stragglers away from the battle depending on how well the battle is going for the French.

Being a bit of a show off I could not leave this picture out of one of the troopers. The sculpting of the figure is superb and now I can see even more detail I had missed! Last year I joked about buttons on a 6mm figure but it looks like they are there to paint!!!!!

Unfortunately this does come with a price, broken swords are a hazard of Adler and this regiment started with one broken but lost another during the painting process. Only time will tell if this will become a issue that will strip them all of their swords, I can but hope not.

The 8th Hussars was a composite regiment made up of at least three other regiments so had a real mix of uniforms but I felt this would not work over just 9 figures so went for an all black force. Again these are IV Corp.

I even had a go at painting the skull and crossbones on some of the Shako's which came out good enough to leave in place. I really like these guys with the black/grey uniform, red cuffs and collars and white braiding, rather striking.

Another bloody broken sword, well they have the same problem with 28mm but at least they can replace with pins.

All four together which is how they will stay till I prepare for the big game unless they come out to play in another game first.

And from above. So that's your lot until my brush gets a new bunch to play with


  1. Really nice work on the Prussian cavalry! I like the basing too.

  2. They are top draw.. Very nice. I am tempted to do a nice 28mm HUssra unit for the challenge..

  3. Great looking cavalry units!

  4. great stuff Ian you do make 6mm look stunning
    Peace James

  5. @ Andrew, Cheers, won't see much more 6mm Cavalry in the challenge though

    @ Jonathan, Thanks, the basing can make or break a base

    @ Dave, Thank's mate, now you really have me looking forward to the challenge they will be great

    @ Phil, Cheers, was good fun doing them

    @ James, why thanks, well during the challenge I have a lot of 6mm lined up but working the other scales fairly hard as well


  6. Wonderful paining Ian. Hard to believe that the little chaps are only 6 mm tall!
    All the best for the comp.

    1. Thanks on both counts, I am up and ready for the challenge, just need to select some music