Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Stocking up on the Basing Materials

In a bid not to loose momentum once the Painting Challenge kicks off I have bought some much needed grass tufts as I was getting rather low. These were bought from Tajima1 on the recommendation of Andrew Saunders via a recent post. So I ordered a couple of boxes and was rewarded with a e-mail within about six hours saying that they would be mailed the following day and a couple of days later, here they are.

I went for wild grass and small green grass tufts. They look fine and I will on the back of looking at these a couple of other sized tufts which I will try and get on order in the next day or two as I will need some of the larger tufts for the 28mm figures.

The wild grass is shown with the 6mm Baccus gun I recently painted up and I think will work as small tufts for 28mm figures and standard tufts for the 15mm figures.

So thank's Loki I am fairly sure you will manage to part me from more cash as the challenge goes on. So if your in the UK you can get packs for about £6-7 including postage. Outside the UK you need to add £1.50 for three or less packs. Ordering more than three? Well then no postage charge is added. The box these come in is a nice sturdy box that will survive the postal system and is a nice neat small box that is easy to see what you have left and when you need to get more stock in.

All in all a great addition to my painting armoury and as these are self adhesive it may save on the splashing round of the god old PVA.


  1. I, too, saw Loki's post regarding these and shot an order off as well.

  2. You are most welcome Ian, these really are a great time saver and worth every penny of cost!! I cant rate them highly enough and the ACW look good with them on.

  3. I wonder how tHey compare against the minatur ones you get from Antenocitis for quality and price? . They certainly look ok

  4. Very cool grass, Ian. Fun stuff. I like the grass and then I like those puffs of smoke. Fun stuff.

  5. There cool, might just have to get some.

  6. Must admit Loki inspired my order too! I'd been meaning to get some for a while, but it was a good mental jog along...

  7. I have been using these since Loki's post last year. But I have gone a bit mad I have about 15 box's on the shelf ready for the mega basing task over the next 3 months.
    Peace James

  8. I'm slowly switching over to these too, just a great product.

  9. @ Jonathan, well I am in good company then

    @ Andrew, well I will be using a few before bed tonight so will let you know

    @ Dave, I also have used minatur ones and really like them but I buy straight fro the manufacturer in Germany, the postage is cheap and you can buy the larger packs. I think they are still cheaper than these but the ease of packaging, stacking etc. might make these the choice I will run with long term.

    @ Happy, I like the puffs of smoke too, especially when they are painted up to have the flames near the muzzles

    @ Vinnie, well proof is in the eating so I should have a better idea toorrow

    @ Smillie, They do look the business and I expect good things

    @ Scott, ah you see, blog networking at it's finest

    @ James, 15 boxes???!!!, now that's some cash investment and I hope you get through the lot in the Challenge

    @ Michael, seems word is spreading and to be honest it's this type of thing that is not measurable but also proves the value of blogging to the companies we blog about


  10. I'm tempted to try these next time I stock up