Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Snow on Christmas day

The family also looked after me on Christmas Day and reinforced my hobby funds and victuals. As you may have already gathered I really don't need any more figures right now so it was great to be able to get the support gear added to.

Cath bought me a Deluxe Materials Snow Effect Kit, the speed of delivery was really fast even ignoring the time of year. These look great, you get their standard snow that you can add with multiple layers to get the depth of snow you require. On top of that you get glitter snow that when added on top of the normal snow gives the look of frosted snow for those sub-zero moments you want to share with your troops. I wanted the pack mostly for the Winter War figures but will also be adding it to various Sniper Reminders as well.

My Mum and Sister each bought me some Vallejo paints. This was a bit of a surprise as originally Marie had asked about paints so I gave her a list of paints I would be interested in but was just expecting a few of so when I ended up with all the paints on the list and one extra it's fair to say I was wrong footed, but in a good way.

Cath also bought me a headset for gaming to replace my battered and well used set. No not the usual computer games but ASL via VASL. We also got my Nephew a set for the same purpose. I hope to test them before the year is out ;-)

I also had money that brings my Wargames Neutral back into the black and has allowed me to order a new camera so future photo's should be less of a problem. 

So with fund's sitting in the warchest I am ready for what 2014 throws at me. I am already thinking of more cowboys and maybe a few buildings but I will not jump just yet, that can wait till we have had a bit of fun with what we have. Hope you all are now recovering from the trials of Christmas Day and are as happy with your presents as I with mine.


  1. A good haul Ian , go on get more cowboys! Mrs D bought me 54mm ones... Oh dear.. It could be a whole new distraction...

  2. Nice collection of hobby related gifts. You have an understanding and supportive family!

  3. A splendid haul, somebody must have been a good boy!

  4. Nice one, I keep meaning to have a go with some snow effect stuff...

  5. great looking haul your a lucky man...more cowboys where would that idea come from :)
    Peace James

  6. @ Dave, Like I need any encouragement and what was Mrs. D thinking????

    @ Jonathan, I do and I know how lucky I am too.

    @ Michael, I just hope he does not want his presents back ;-)

    @ Andrew, thanks, I am rather smug

    @ Scott, I will let you know once I have some figures painted up with it in place

    @ James, I still have to paint up the cowboys I already have, but that day won't be too long coming


  7. Replies
    1. Thank's, hope to use some of it to catch you up LOL