Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 6 December 2013

Baccus 6mm Zulu's

Finally finished off the first regiments of Matt's Zulu Army. By the time your reading this he will have received them so here is hoping he will like them. Peter at Baccus said with a smile that "People think painting up Zulu's is easy, but it's not" (or words to that effect). Well all I can say to that is, No shit Sherlock! Actually I found painting the Zulu's themselves fairly easy but as for the shields.....

Here we have the Fly Catches, the Zulu regiments sure have interesting names. These according to the Wargames Factory Farnworth painting guide carried a mix of shields as you can see from the picture above.

Bender of Kings also has a similar mix of shields so will look almost the same on the table. Matt asked me to do the horns for Isandlwana, though I also have enough regiments to do the body as well and then move onto the regiments that fought at Rorke's Drift. Each regiment has 36 figures so should look grea when Matt gets them based up.

Next up is Lion's and thankfully a different finish to the shields. Unfortunately that was a black shield with small white dots on it as well as the white laces of leather. It took some getting into the laces for all units and that was the real challenge on these figures.

Sorry a shaky picture of the Evil Omen's but again like the Lion's the shield is more basic and so a lot less impressive but should look good en-mass.

Sculpting wise these are really nice. As you can see above the muscles on the backs and the lines of the loin cloths show up nicely and I am pleased with how the skin has come out. The ink really helped bring out the detail.

I leave you with a shot of all of them together, a grand total of 144 figures and less than a third of the whole army that needs to be painted up. I hope to finish off the lot in the challenge though for reduced points as I think Matt will want to base them himself. Whilst possibly faster than the Napoleonic's I am sure that they are not by a large amount. I am looking forward to handing the lot over to Matt once finished as I know he is keen to get them on the table and get playing with them.


  1. Ian your close-up photos make it hard to believe that these are 6mm. The figure detail and your rendering is very well done! I wager your customer will be pleased with these figures.

  2. That's an impressive sight Ian! Great job sir.

  3. These will present the massed look that really makes 6mm figures shine. I'd like to see the final product when they are based up.

  4. Doesn't look like 144 figures in the pic!

  5. @ Jonathan, Thanks, not so much a customer as a mate as I don't exactly do commissions as such

    @ Michael, I have to say I am rather pleased with them as was Matt which is really the important part.

    @ Dartfrog, me too, you never know they may land back on my desk if Matt want's me to base them which I would be happy to do.

    @ Ray, you do know I have sat and recounted them LOL