Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 2 December 2013

Baccus New French Cuirassiers Painted Review

Finally I get round to painting up the last of the new Baccus French Cavalry that is available at the moment. I say last but in fact I will be revisiting the Hussars and doing them again soon having made the mistake of thinking someone knew more than I did. OK well quite often this is the case but for once I was right to think something was wrong with the Hussars but not bright enough to actually check so watch out for a new painting up that is to follow.

You can find NFR9 French Cuirassiers here. OK you will have to scroll down a bit but you will find them. £7.00 will get you 45 of these bad boys, enough for five bases worth including commander, trumpeter and standard bearer and six troopers.

The horses were painted up a couple of weeks ago I think and I have to be honest the painting bug has been a bit absent this last couple of weeks. I think in part due to the amount of prep work, the knowledge of the intensifying of the Painting Challenge and all the Nap's I got at Blog-Con stealing my time as I get these all based up. All added up it has meant a lot less painting time and really not following anything to an end.

Anyway's long tail short I picked the brush up to finish off these chaps not 100% in the mood or grove and about and hour or so later was swinging the brush round caught up in the fun. I think that sums up the new Baccus castings, they are great fun to paint. My mojo restored I went on to some other castings, but friends that is a different story.

I went a lot lighter with the ink wash so not to get any on the breastplate but the face suffered a little so next time I will do the wash and paint the armour second. Again the detail is just waiting to be painted, just look at the trumpeters jacket!!

I will later do a side by side comparison shot but what I will tell you is that the light horse figures are smaller than the Dragoons whilst the Cuirassiers are that bit larger than the dragoons. OK you won't notice this over the field but actually knowing this makes me kind of warm and tingly.

The whole horse has a block like look to it, but in a good way, these are solid horses made for the job of punching through whatever you are silly enough to put in their way and the modelling of this comes through. Indeed these are cavalry of substance.

As for the flag, well I have gone from grumbling to acceptance. I can't say I like it but I can certainly live with it. All in all I am not only happy with these boys but all the cavalry produced to this point. The fact is that the cavalry have been designed with each other in mind and as such they fit together perfectly. You certainly recognise a Baccus base at a glance and that is a good thing. Nothing beats Baccus for those long campaigns and unlike Napoleon I reckon these boys WILL make it to Russia and back.


  1. I am trying hard to resist dabbling in this scale again, but your post makes it difficult. Excellent work in bringing these figures to life, most inspiring!

  2. Ooooo 6mm Napoleonics...don't tempt me like this! Very nice work mate.

  3. @ Michael, thanks, have you noticed the lack of painting that seems to be going off on so many blogs at the moment, I think peeps are resting ;-)

    @ Sun of York, I advise you speak to Peter at Baccus I am sure he will talk you out of just dabbling.
    I really like the scale as it can be as big or small as you want it to be. My case it's going to be epic but it can be so much smaller

    @ Lee, When you get fed up with brown you can always have a splash of colour ;-)

    @ Phil, Cheers, as I often say, the quality of sculpting and casting is half the battle

    @ Dave, more of a steady trot. Just posted more of those figures of Scotty's if he see's them I hope he approves. Certainly will get some use and rather soon I think