Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Building of the Week - Medieval Farmhouse by Leven

To go with last weeks building I thought I should also paint up the house to go with the barn. I had already painted the wooden work whilst working on the barn, the rest was done last night and this morning along with next weeks submission. 

Medieval Farmhouse FAR10 costs £2.50 and again supplies great value for money from Leven Miniatures and like the barn can be plugged into a number of other time frames with little imagination required. 

I went with a slate or tile roof rather than wooden shingle as I wanted it to look a little more recent than it's advertised period. The shape of the roof fits in fairly well with Belgium which is were this building is heading. This will be a small farm complex for us to fight over and has the added bonus of not looking like the other farms we will be adding to both the Quatre Bras and Waterloo boards. 

The building only has the one entrance as would be expected from the age it represents. I went for a more vivid colouring on the cladding as the building is quite flat without the addition of colour. I also mixed up a more salmon pink chimney pots which I really like.

The walls again have great texture, here I just used a black ink wash over the grey painted walls and the brickwork came to the fore. I really like that you can get a fair result from these buildings without having to put in a great deal of effort but adding that extra effort results in greater rewards. You really do get out of them what you put in but start with a good base level without a struggle.

The sun is just starting to sink and adds a great finish to this building. I can't give a accurate time scale on time spent on this building but I think it was about two hours tops as I was jumping from one to the other.

We will have to decide if we plan to base the farms or just leave them loose. The bonus of basing them on a tile is that we can add all sorts of scenic's but at the end of the day it will be obvious it's a tile of some sort. We will have to discuss and possibly have a play to decide.

Size wise both buildings are about the same size and will sit well together. I have about sixteen buildings prepped for the Quatre Bras board and these will be painted up over the next few months as a break from the Painting Challenge though the numbers needed have yet to be decided but I know we will consider the looks of the board over what is required so if double the number of buildings are required then they will be done.


  1. very nice like always !!
    great painting job !

  2. Thanks guys, next lot are all finished as well so will add these between other posts


  3. Ohhh, I want those in my yard. Only real-life size.

    1. Which the barn or the house? ;-)

      Fire traps both of them, trust me