Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Check Your Six AAR, Battle Over Britain

Yes not Battle of Britain as it should be, well it should get another couple of looks just for that. Apologies to all as I have been preoccupied trying to get some points stacked up for the Painting Challenge and did not get around to posting this Sunday or Monday.

Starting positions for our little scrap. I had to be within six hexes of my four Stuka's with both my 109's and 110's which at this point in the battle were still classed as fighters. My mission is to take out a Chain Radar along the table and the Stuka seems the plane for the mission. I just have four Hurricanes to fend off and it's happy days. My real problem is the speed of my Stuka's and the need to try and keep in formation.

I rolled the pilots for both of us, I received an ace in a Stuka and 110 with just the one green pilot in a Stuka and most of the rest veterans whilst Matt had the one ace one skilled and two veterans. This was an unusually good selection of pilots and aces can really come into their own (unless flying a brick with wings).

I gambled on Matt not taking the risky move and immediately paid the price by losing the less experienced 110 to a lot of rear fire. The only Hurries that Matt has are desert war so please forgive the incorrect planes but I said I wanted to go BoB.

With one of my fighters down I was at a bit of a disadvantage but I had the 109's coming in from the other side. Oh the place the Brit's came on was random and at the time both of us thought they came with a disadvantage.

Next the Stuka formation was broken up and two were damaged, one with a engine hit and the other with body damage. One of the others did not suffer damage other than the loss of the rear gunner through a critical hit (one of the other two also suffered the same crit).

The damaged Stuka getting a lot of attention but at least I was starting to mix it up with the Britishers. The mix of failing to give out damage when I did get in position to fire (either missed or Matt saved on his rolls) and poor flying was putting my planes in a difficult place.

My ace took an engine hit, this is really bad news as it was not the fastest or most agile so now I was struggling. Worse still one of my 109's was under the hammer.

Well it has got to get worse before it gets better. My 109 took an engine hit whilst my other 109 blew a Hurricane out of the sky with a blistering shot. 

Another shot from a different angle, SSSD for sure ;-) In the distance you can see the Chain Radar. Well that's as close as I got as I lost the 109 and everyone else broke for home but even that went wrong as a few planes failed to get home.

So overall a disaster as far as my performance went but I am really enjoying the games, just got to get better at it and even though I did er, not so well it felt right. I learnt to fear those modern broadsides from the eight MG's cutting up my poor planes.

Better yet we had a right old chin wag afterwards which was a real pleasure as we compared notes on our respective Waterloo plans and just chewed the fat.

Next Friday I have a game booked with Lee but this time I am keeping my feet well and truly on the ground as we go FoG Ancients.


  1. Great looking game. Like the flame effects, mind if I ask what they are made from?

    1. Hi Smillie, Matt made them from Pipe Cleaners, they look really good in the flesh too


  2. great looking game makes me want to dig out my planes.......dam I have given them away :)
    Hope to see some posts with mass's of bombers soon
    Peace James

  3. That looks like great fun, but I would have to make sound effects!

  4. A great looking game Ian, love the flame markers!

  5. Handsome and clean looking game. Looks like fun.

  6. Cool! The main CY6! guy in our gang does it in a smaller scale, so it's interesting seeing the larger planes.


  7. @ James, Yes they will come out and play but will wait till Triples and get a load of decals then.

    @ Michael, sound effects are mandatory

    @ Ray, it was and they do make the game look good

    @ Paulalba, It was a lot of fun, all wargames should be and that ticked the boxes

    @ Jonathan, Matt does a great job with his planes

    @ FMB, the planes in our game are 1/300 I think so reasonably small