Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I'm Fading Away!!!

I am purposely timing this post to appear after the start of tonight's roleplaying session. It's my first entry into the Annual Painting Challenge and was a good figure to kick off with as it was a challenge with black being the leading colour.

Fades are very unpleasant, their faces are devoid of features other than flat eyes and they are very powerful and hard to kill. They control the Trolorcs when together are are bound to cause lots of problems for the players. I have also added a little magic via the staff this one hold's. It's my first go at magical flame/ice and I am really pleased with it. I just did not have the nerve to try and add the reflected colour to the clothing.

Whilst it's a 28mm figure in reality it's really tall which is perfect for what he is. Overall it's a great figure but has one major failing, look at the position of the sword hilt and then the scabbard!!! Personally I think the figure should have been withdrawn from sale and corrected. Being my first Reaper figure I can't comment on if this sort of mistake is rare or regular though it's not put me off trying more when I need them.

When I bought the figure I did not see the rear view and was disappointed when I took it out of it's packet to find a backpack and other kit and would not have bought the figure if I knew it had such gear. During painting though I came round to the idea, after all even the most mean monster needs kit to carry around. So tonight will tell what the players think of this guy, what I can say it's quite likely they will be seeing plenty of him through the coming months.


  1. Nice figure, shame about the odd positioning of the sword hilt. What game is it for?

  2. Interesting figure, reminds me very much of an old citadel Ranger figure from the early 80's. Naff quality control by them tho!

  3. Excellent work for me ! and the figure is a good one ...

  4. All that baggage means plenty of spaces for players to find treasure.

  5. Very nice Ian and a great start to the challenge!

  6. I thought this was a great miniature and a fabulous start to your challenge.

  7. @ Andrew, thanks but not a high score ....yet

    @ Smillie, it's roleplaying with the MERP rules of old based in Middle Earth but with the Wheel of Time events happening in the fourth age

    @ Dave, in the old days you could get away with it more. I do like him (the players don't)

    @ Happy, yes the small one, I like the luggage ;-)

    @ Sam, he certainly caught the players attention

    @ The Kiwi, yes well they will have to kill him first, though they did take down a couple of Trolorc's which was a surprise

    @ Ray, he was a bit laid back, though I have also done another that will be shown in the first themed set

    @ Roger, Thanks

    @ Michael, thank you, he was fun to do