Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Reinforcements for The Painting Challenge

Got home tonight from work to find a small package awaiting for me. I have a few outstanding orders awaiting delivery and of course my Secret Santa that could land any time. I have already received my Santa Clause (thanks to who ever has sent this, it is safe in Cath's hands till the big day). Naturally I don't want to accidentally open  my Secret Santa so am trying to be very careful about what I open. Fortunately I was spared any worry as this package had a sticker with Black Scorpion on the box so I knew it should be one of my orders and indeed it was.

On the advice of Dave from One Man and His Brushes and Trouble in Serenity I went for a few packs of their cowboy figures as he could not recommend them high enough. As you can see the figures are resin so are very light and the detail is very nice. The pack above is the villains pack and I hope they will do more in the future. 

I also bought a pack of the Townsfolk, though I can't remember which pack that was. It has a nice mix and some are interchangeable with the Villain pack. One of these figures at least will be going over to Curt as price of admission to the Painting Challenge but I had the idea that my kids may want to play some form of cowboy game and we can use the rest to make up a game with simple rules with plenty of chance to miss so can blast away an hour or two. Problem is that I wanted the same number per side but came up with this answer.

He will make a great Town Sheriff and will even up the sides. Not that I think I will end with just five aside and now I have grabbed some cowboys I am fairly sure Lee will soon follow suit and maybe Matt will as well as it's that kind of subject that has a habit of growing.

I also bought other things from Black Scorpion but that's a secret for the time being so will not be showed here just yet So I have plenty more prep work I can get on with over the weekend.

Never having ordered from Black Scorpion before I can't say if the Love Hearts is a typical extra or it's a welcome for new customers but it certainly widened the smile on my face and if spreading joy was on their minds I hope they would be happy that I will be passing these on to my kids to add a smile to their faces too. I ordered another package from Black Tree on the same day and given it was during their 35% discount so I expect they have had a lot of interest so expect that one will be a few days behind. Still I have a few more packages that could spread out over the next few days or weeks. Life is indeed good.


  1. Ah yes, another cowboy convert... You get my rules from the blazing dice blog if ya want

  2. It's the 2nd time today that I read "Life is Good !" that's good !

    Very nice figures, but are not they too breakable for games ?
    (I know that it's a problem for me and I'm not a gamer, but sometimes I found break figures on packs and it's not easy to re-glue little parts : I don't like!)

    All my best for the challenge!

    1. I have used mine plenty, they seem pretty robust, no damage so far

  3. Those are nice sculpts. Great detail and good lines. You'll enjoy painting those bad boys up.

  4. That reminds me I must sort out a Cowboy for Curt... I have a few from Brigadegames kicking about somewhere for a project that never got off the ground...

  5. Nice purchases Ian, however you could be waiting months for the Black tree stuff the service can be somewhat variable at best my experiences with them have been truly shocking in the past

    1. I second that I waited six months so never order online from them now :)
      Nice sculpts though

  6. Very nice indeed! Could be ideal figures for the new "Dead Man's Hand" rules. Good luck with the challenge.

  7. I like Black Scorpion, my only quibble is that they can be a bit tall!

  8. Great purchase Ian! I see Tombstone come alive!


  9. @ Dave, yes I have a feeling I will be buying a few more, especially if I can get the kids into it. I need to look at your rules as I want to get the kids fully involved

    @ Sam, these look fairly sturdy but bits breaking off would be a big upset, especially as I want the kids to handle them and have lots of fun but hopefully Dave's experience will be the rule and not exception.

    @ Anne, indeed I think I will. I plan to use a mix of ink or dip and shading to try and make them look MOVIE as I think the kids will like that, after all that is a big attraction to go after these.

    @ You will do that one and suddenly you want more, don't say you was not warned

    @ Andrew and James, well I got home today to a e-mail saying my Blacktree have been posted. I have to say that in 6-8 orders I have never had a problem so fortunately have always been happy

    @ The Kiwi, indeed, I think they will really shine with a lick of paint

    @ The Wilde Goose, I saw those at Foundry at Blog-Con but at that point was not thinking Cowboy so did not take a look in the book

    @ Fran, The odd tall figure is not a problem. I can't see me sticking to just one supplier though

    @ Peter, If Lee gets involved I can see the town appearing overnight!!!! crumbs we do have issues LOL