Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 27 December 2013

Partisan Christmas Gift

I saved this last Christmas present for a post of it's own as I am sure a lot of the figure painters will appreciate what a nice gift this is.

This is a hand painted ceramic tile and was a gift from one of Cath's friends. Her daughter has a shop selling various crafted items but this tile the daughter did based on one of the figures I have painted and shown on my blog, anyone remember it?

As you can see from the two images above it's been nailed and I am more than pleased with this present and will be sure to keep the tile close at hand. My painting area is nicely filling up with little fun items that make me smile when I look at them and gives me that little more of  boost when I want lifting up. This is sure to be a big smile generator.

I a not sure if tiles such as this can be ordered if you would want some of your artwork restyled but it's a question I have asked Cath to check out so look here for further updates.


  1. A Superb Gift and very unique indeed!!

  2. That is a wonderful gift and I bet you are well and truly chuffed

  3. @ Andrew, it sure is

    @ Phil, Cheers,

    @ Tamsin, :-)

    @ Ray cheers

    @ Mike, being unexpected made it a little more special

    @ Pete, I am so chuffed I could not have any more chuff put in me ;-)


  4. Ian, I am delighted you like your tile! Katy would love to do more if anyone is interested :-))
    Take care.

    1. Hi Dawn, Like is way to weak a term I love it. I still grin like a nut every time I look at it which is fairly often.

      I plan to do a post on Katy's webshop on Monday and I am sure the offer will be taken up


  5. :-)) I will give her the heads up, Ian.
    I was just trying to send you both something different this year as you have been through such a lot. I am pleased he makes you grin, and that Katy copied him so well for you. :)