Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 23 December 2013

Baker Company Kickstarter Update

Not unexpectedly Baker Company was not able to deliver all the Kickstarter first stage orders in November and it would have been a long shot to have got everyone their figures in December. All that became a mute point when the casting machine broke down last week and now all of us who are still to be supplied have been told to expect stage one and two to be delivered together in February. That's quite a pain as I had hoped to paint some during the early stages of the Challenge. It's still of course possible to paint some of these in the challenge as long as the new date is kept to.

I am not so worried with the delay, though I was going to use some of the money from selling some of these painted figures to fund further purchases. Not that I don't have plenty to be going on with but I had planned to go to York with a nice bundle to buy what I pleased. Well the good news (if your sick and twisted) is that I can't make York as I have to work that day. Yes the ONLY Sunday I have to work all year happens to be on the one day that show is on, someone somewhere hates me.

I originally agreed to pick up stage two at York, so I can hope both stages will be ready for Lee to pick up if he still ends up going. So not a total wash, though it's possible I won't get home till Thursday night meaning Lee will have had his figures five whole days longer than me!!

Baker Company Winter War has to a large extent been a casualty of it's own success. The offer was so good that it received orders far outside it's own expectations and ability to fulfil within the time frame quoted which remember was set before any orders were received. But it has been filling the orders, they have kept us all informed and feedback from those lucky fellows who have received there's has on the whole been positive. So I am not worried about my order, just disappointed not to have already received my figures.

As for the Arena Rex, well I obviously still want them but right now I know they would be sidelined until post March so not bothered if they do not arrive till post challenge.

However, I am concerned. The figures are still very slow moving from design to greens and the current rate V figures to be sculptured would mean 2014 is unlikely to see the project through. Meanwhile it's more than a little likely that the money in hand will continue to drain away until they don't have enough to supply the promised figures even if they do have the moulds ready to go. It's very possible this was money thrown away and that does bother me, especially as it's possible I influenced others to back the kickstarter as well.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it's doomed to failure but I rate it red for delivery and orange for failing to launch. It's three months late already and one update every 6-8 weeks tells me they either have nothing good to say or have lost interest in pushing the project through.


  1. sorry to hear this like you say baker company no issues but the last one is sounding very risky

  2. The dangers of kickstarter here. The high 'sweet spots' of most canny kickstarters have worried me - most I've backed have been little punts where I wouldn't be too cross about losing the money.

  3. The dangers of Kickstarter. Going nearly 20 times over the original target and handing the first pledges as freebies is going to take it's toll. It was fairly obvious that the schedules are going to fail miserably, but I haven't really seen any Kickstarter yet that hasn't failed in that sense. Seems like they try to give optimistic timetables so people would pledge.

    Anyhow I'm not as pessimistic though (I did receive my first batch so that helps). Even if they run out of money and end up not doing some of the freebies it's still great value. And I'm quite certain that they'll manage to pull through. And they have been updating regularly with the longest break being around 2 weeks and sometimes pushing out updates twice a week even after the kickstarter.

    Anyway, hope you get your minis soon! And Happy Holidays

  4. @ Andrew, Baker Company should come through with the goods, just been swamped with orders. Arena Rex is as you say, risky.

    @ Phyllion, You need to know your risking your money but I think most seem to come off well but you have to accept you will have to wait fr your toys.

    @ Samuli, Your point is very valid, once it started to rise in numbers it was really up against it to get them out on time. I have few issues with this when you have to wait, especially when I a kept updated.

    I will be less positive if it goes past February and I am still waiting but updates will keep that under control.

    My real concerns are with Area Rex who put out a update saying sorry we are late but two of us have taken new jobs and the other has had a baby. Given the lack of reported progress that rings loud bells of alarm, not because these things have happened but that they think such reasons are good.

    Baker Company having their one casting machine break is a much better reason in my mind, especially as it was producing said mini's, however the other one is still very much in the sculpting stage and that's not done by them but outside so how does lifestyle changes effect this other than losing interest in PUSHING the project forward.

    I need to see concrete info from Red Republic to start feeling better about that kickstarter. BC? hell I know I will get the updates


    1. What you know, just had a Arena Rex update. Still no date given for delivery but more figures are being finished and off to the casters. One sculptor has seven more figures to finish so it's still some way off and I would guess next Autumn may be a fairly accurate guess.