Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Secret Santa and Santa Clause THANK YOU

Just a quick post to say THANK YOU to both my Secret Santa and Santa Clause for helping make this Christmas rather special. I have also received from family various hobby related presents which I will post about tomorrow as I have only just got back home and need to take pictures of the loot.

First up is my Secret Santa, which is a veritable mix of all things hobby related. I will start with this most excellent monk who is blessing a die. It's a great present and I am looking forward to using him in games so opponents beware!

Also included is this excellent Napoleonic Green of a 18mm Drummer that was suggested could be used as an objective marker. Instead I plan to just keep him as is, it's a real pleasure to own a Green and I know I will take a great deal of pleasure looking up at this fellow during painting sessions.

I also received this troll figure that will find it's way into the painting challenge and fairly far up the painting queue as you will see fairly soon. I have no idea of the make of this figure but I like the scaled skin and already have ideas working around my noggin'

Remember the Blazing Skies planes? Well I get some much needed British reinforcements. These will get started once I get some of the transfers for all my planes, this should be bought at either York or Sheffield depending if Lee can pick them up for me.

To round off this very generous gift I have these two films which will act as a most welcome foil to the sweet mush that Cath has had for Christmas  ;-)

However that was not the end of the present, along with a nice card was a present for Cath to say thank you for running the Secret Santa which has really added to her enjoyment and so a BIG extra thank you for this.

Grateful (for the) Dead
My Santa Clause was also rather stunning with a nice set of three miniatures to add to my Fantasy game. I had plans to use the undead at some point so these are most welcome.

As you can see these are rather grizzly skeletons and the bone wagon really tops this off. I really like the style and will certainly copy the style when I reinforce the skelee's later.

This is a great looking figure that screams to be used, or is that will make the players scream fro it's use? Either way I love him and want to get him on the table once I have the players ready to suffer at his hands.

This guy is just to much fun. I already have a scenario idea festering in my mind on how to use him and now just need to gather up the necessary support figures to get him into play. 

So another excellent present well and truly gratefully received but again the present included a nice card and another present for Cath which she loves so once again a big THANK YOU and I wish both parties and indeed all who follow this blog a very Happy Christmas for you and your loved ones.


  1. How fun. Very cool. Merry Christmas.

  2. Great Troll fig, and the monk blessing a die, err, diorama is genius!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I like the friar blessing the die. Is it a blessing of the die or a "saving" throw?

  4. What a wonderful result - a very Happy Christmas to you Sir!

  5. Great looking figures Ian, love the Monk blessing the dice.

  6. @ Happy, Merry Christmas to you and Tim, certainly cool beanies here

    @ MIK, Happy Holidays to you too, agreed both are really good

    @ Jonathan, just about all my rolls are saving rolls when I wargame ;-)

    @ Paul, Merry Christmas Sir, hope you had bods a plenty

    @ Michael, Happy Christmas and a double win for me for sure.

    What I really like is that I would not have bought any of what I received given the chance to buy for myself and all these items are perfect for me so it's the best result I could have asked for

    @ Ray, Thanks mate, I need that chaps help more than you could know, expect him to feature in the coming months LOL


  7. Thank you both for putting this together. I really enjoyed this and hope you do it again next year.