Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Fallschrimjager Bust


This Fallschrimjager bust is from Mitches Military Models and is a new release. He has not been added to the website as yet so if interested you may have to contact him via the contact me button. It's a one piece casting which makes it a lot easier to work with than many a bust.

I also added a decal to the helmet that is designed with Action Men in mind. This being a 1/10 bust it's the same scale so perfect. The distinctive Splinter camouflage smock was a challenge but helped along by using the Andrea Color set for this camourflarge.

 Still struggling to get leather right, still a long way to go before I am really happy with it. The texture to the helmet makes it look more metal and I used oils to grime it up a little.

Technically by the time this camo was available the crest had stopped being put on the helmets. I claim artists licence and run for the hills. I have a second one of these busts so may paint it up in the earlier uniform variant. 

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