Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

15mm ECW Parliament's Boys

Yes you read that right 15mm! 19 of the 20 figures are Museum Miniatures but included to make up the numbers is a Matchlock Miniatures bod. He looks a little slight amongst all the Museum but he is a much better figure in my mind. 

Sorry the pics are not that great. Matt want's to base these himself to fit in with the rest of his army so they do not lend themselves to being photographed on my desk.

I just painted them up in red jackets with mostly grey trousers with the odd brown pair thrown in. They could be any one of many regiments and indeed if the orange sash is repainted red or blue they become royalist. Either way the musket rest pegs them as early war.

I have just the one regiment left to paint for Matt but next up will be his 6mm Zulu's who I have a hunch will get based up first  ;-) Mind you Matt bought the rules for FOG:R so once we have a game of that it may be that he will jump back into getting all his units rebased and back into play. That is something I really look forward to as the first ever proper army was my Essex 15mm NMA which I still have and have already rebased for FOG:R but if they do not do it for us I would be happy to have a crack at making my own rules (anything has got to be better than rebasing for a THIRD time!

I do have one regiment of my own that remains unpainted so it's not impossible that I will get this painted up as well. If so it's a nip over to Caliver Books as I really like the look of a Matchlock figure. I know I really need to get cavalry as under FOG:R I just don't have enough.

Whatever I decide I know I will start fitting in the odd 15mm regiment for various periods and the odd 28mm WWII figure for the Sniper Reminders. Not so much as I am tiring of the 6mm Napoleonic's, far from it but it's becoming the single track I am going down which must become thin for the rest of you.


  1. Those look great. I love the drummer and his mushtachio!

  2. Positively giants those! ;) Lovely job Ian.

  3. I'd say that overall, I prefer FoG:R to FoG:AM - most people I know who've played both agree and it seems to work well for 30YW and ECW.

    Nicely painted figures btw - makes a change from the 6mm I'll bet :)

  4. These must have fallen into radioactive material to get so huge. Truly you could do a funny pulp horror post using 6mm scale and 15mm scale together.