Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 26 August 2013

New Cutting Map and Making Room

At work we have been making room for extending our office as our team is set to double in a weeks time to four staff, that a quadruple increase in five months! Casualties of this was a partition wall hiding all the shape samples and honestly a lot more crap than you would think possible to hide away. Previously it's been used as a working area for Spray Mount, and design use a LOT of it. Now they have a spray booth and were throwing out a cutting mat that had become rather sticky, not only was I allowed to have it but I was given a bottle of sticky stuff to clean it down.

Yes that is a 28mm figure!
So in less than an hour I had it nice and unsticky. It's had a fair bit of wear but it's still got a hell of a lot of life left in it. Just so you know, this bad boy is 90cm long and 60cm wide. As such it will not come as a surprise that it's a little bigger than the clear area that I paint on. At the point of receiving the board it was a LOT bigger as I had encroached on the panting space with assorted crap mostly associated with the hobby. So a clean up was the order of the day. I literally took everything away and used the opportunity to rearrange a few items.

Yes that is a A4 piece of paper!
The mat actually goes under the draws by about 10cm and I have moved the light forward (it's angled out the way in the picture) having done some painting last night I can confirm the light is much better positioned than before.The positive side effect is that I can now get in the drawers without knocking things flying!

It kind of feels strange now having so much space back but the bonus effect is great, I have more room to line up the figures being painted and that alone seems to speed things up. So a nice upgrade for sure.


  1. Now that's a cutting mat, nice find!

  2. The mother of all cutting mats! You lucky chap Ian.

  3. Great free mat and nice re-org of the painting table.

  4. I have a cutting map for sewing and I love it. Great find.

  5. Your painting area looks quite tidy. Post another photo of that same area in one month's time.

  6. Top scrounging... now you need to concentrate on making at messy again!

  7. @ Fran, indeed sir,

    @ Michael, we have a few more the same size at work, they do get used a lot,

    @ Sean, sure was, just 30 mins of my time to clean and a couple of hours to de-clutter

    @ Happy, we have about three already all different sizes but this can just stay were it is

    @ Tamsin, sure is, it is fairly worn but lots of life left in it, it was so wrong for it to be thrown,

    @ Jonathan, quite, it's been this tidy before. Maybe I should do a shot each month till I am forced to tidy up again?

    @ Dave, oh I'm on it. Tonight is basing night so it does not stand a chance LOL