Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 30 August 2013

Project Waterloo August Review

Before I get into the Project Waterloo stuff just though I should mention that Model Zone at Nottingham closed it's doors for the very last time yesterday. I nipped in whilst there to buy the kids both new shoes (that's £75 I will not see again!)

Anyway I bought my last item, that being one of the 20+ bottles of Vallejo Blue-Green they had for sale. The only other colour being Brown Glaze. To be honest I was underwhelmed by the visit. Prices were between 30-50% off and clearly all the good stuff had already been sold but the administrators were holding to the same discount. It should have been 50% off all items if they hoped to clear some of the goods as 30% was in all honesty more than some of the items were worth which is why they were still left. Of the two staff in, one had a job to go to whilst the other did not so a little more important than my failure to pick up a bargain.

So on to the question of how I am doing Project Waterloo wise? Well it was for the most part an infantry month. I have already posted about the three French battalions I painted up at the beginning of the month but I have also got the all important three Prussian battalions done. These as I type are waiting for their varnish to dry so I can add the flags and call them done. This will either be last thing tonight or first thing tomorrow. Next up will be three Landwehr battalions which will finish off the Ist Brigade of I Corp. 

With that in mind I have been working on the command figures for the army as well. I am most of the way through two army command stands, I Corp commander Ziethen, 1st Brigade commander Steimetz for a total of 13 figures. These will probably be finished either over the weekend or early next week. I will get some of the French command that have been on my desk for so long finished as well as I am in dire need of more command for these.

What else for September? Well I hope to get a couple of Prussian cavalry regiments painted up which should keep me ahead and if the new Baccus are out early in the month will get some of these started.

September will be a bit of a 6mm heavy month as I start off on the Zulu's but I also expect to finish the RAF pilot and I fancy something a little different tonight so will have be playing around a little which will spill over into next month I am sure.


  1. Sounds like everything is in hand. I know what you mean about Modelzone, a very disappointing end.

  2. Its a pity about ModelZone but on the Waterloo front great plan

  3. If you're having a going out of business sale, the sale should be good enough to clear the stock in 2 days.

  4. @ Ray, I am surprised I am still on track but those Prussians are just waiting to be snapped and I can get started on the next three battalions LOL

    @ Michael, well on my side, still waiting for Lee to get buying those Dutch etc. but I know they will be there when we need them in about 10 months in the case of Quatre Bras.

    @ PanzeKaput, I am lucky that I have a spreadsheet that I can track my progress and what else is needed. I actually have 12 battalions painted up that are not included in the painting plan so I have three months of backup if I really need them. Technically I am behind on horse artillery but given the number of models I need I am not losing any sleep.

    @ Anne, that would suit the creditors but does not suit the administrators, they want to drag it out as long as they can until they have spent all the asserts just paying themselves. It's legal theft and it's about time the UK laws were changed so the creditors have a chance. My company closed down with enough asserts to pay all the staff their redundancy when the administrators ran out of time to use up the money so they requested a six month extension in which time they managed to fail to recoup the £20,000 they were yet to gather in but managed to spend almost all the £60,000 + still in hand. I lost a few £1000 to this little trick and they even charged me £200 to send me a cheque leaving me with about £60 and that was a year after I was made redundant. The only redundancy was supplied by the Government and that was capped at £400 a year way below what I was due. Rant Over ;-)