Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

RAF Fighter Pilot by Ultracast

On my drive home last night I got a taste for some flesh. Indeed as I got closer to home and the wife it went from a taste to a hunger, even a NEED.

So with tea finished and the kids put to bed I switched on my twin tubes and cracked open a few flesh pots. I did not stick to just the Pilot, but I will leave the other four for future posts ;-)

I wanted to start this figure just so it's off the marks, Ultracast are a Canadian supplier but have stockists all over the world and after starting work on this resin kit I can see why. It's a 54mm eight piece kit that had little in the way of flash and fitted together fairly well and cost £15.75 plus postage and captures the young spirit of the pilots of the day.

I had a few concerns about the flesh and still not 100% sure of the finish but will wait till I have a few more colours on him before making any changes. The hair will be black, this is the colour hair of the person it is to be given to, I WAS hoping he was a boring brown haired bloke but no such luck.

I still have the last piece to add which is his scarf but I need to finish his life-jacket first. Talking of which I was really not looking forward to that as I expected to have fits over it but Vallejo Flat Yellow went on a treat. I then added some German Orange to work as the deep shade and then added to more flat yellow a little Light Yellow and worked both shades darker and lighter over the various parts of the jacket. I still need to do the canvas straps and rear body of the life-jacket. Then I will add the scarf and move along to the uniform which will be another challenge.

So you good painters out there any advice on the face? I want him to look tired if possible to show the strain and this guy will never be a pin up with a nose like that which suits fine. Make or break could be the eyebrows, will have to look into that. Advice throughout this process is eagerly sought.


  1. For the tiredness, do make sure to use some purple mixed in with flesh around the eye socket, particularly where it meets the nose. I assume you will be painting the eyes - a pink wash over the white should help simulate the bloodshot look.

  2. That is a great start on a really nice looking figure!

  3. He's got such a great face,very characterful, good luck!

  4. You've got a wonderful start on him. I love his craggy face and windswept hair. I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. @ Tamsin, hanks for the advice, I may try the purple tip but to worried about screwing up to try the bloodshot eyes.

    @ Jonathan, The figure is really nice, I can feel the desire to paint it mounting which obviously a good thing.

    @ Fran, I think so too, not a young face though.

    @ Curt, that hair is to be painted black!! I hope I can do that justice, I really like the windswept face