Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekend of Prep

I know the weekend is not yet finished, but then again neither am I. I will prime most of the infantry before the day is out. I am not all that fond of prepping figures and so have come up with a number of excuses to take breaks but I was always going to finish them before Monday!

Here we have 3 battalions of the new Baccus French line infantry, another 3 Battalions of Prussian reserve infantry by Adler. Also by Adler I have two army command, one corp command and one division command base. All the infantry and some of the command are this months target force for Project Waterloo. I also plan to rebase some old 15mm figures, some to keep and some to sell on.

The Kickstarter update reminded me about the 32mm figure I had received from Red Republic Games as a Birthday present so I cleaned this up (the little it needed) and made up the figure and pinned him to his base.

I had already assembled the 1941 RAF pilot but had yet to fill in the joints so this was done today. The Crimea base was not forgotten either as I cleaned up the White Putty I had filled the cracks with over a month ago! 

Talking of filling the gaps and joints I have to say that I was not really that happy with the White Putty, seems a little difficult to use (tips anyone?) and the need to wear a mask has put me off using it again in the hot weather (plus it steams up my glasses).

So I used some Pollyfilla on the Arena Rex figure and was so happy with the result tried it on the pilot! I have yet to clean off the surplus but it went on a lot easier and filled the gaps with no bother. So far so good. 

The Pilot is for my Boss at work and needs to be finished for Christmas so I will be committing chunks of my surplus painting time on him but will also mix it up with the other two so I can see progress on all three and break up the 6mm posts a little.

I have panted up a ECW regiment for Matt, the varnish is just drying now but I won't be basing these so I should post them tomorrow. But I will ask Matt if he wants the last of the ECW regiments painting or does he want me to leave those for awhile and move onto his 6mm Zulu army.

Either way I think I need to get on with a few other projects in the background. I have got to the point where I can paint up the required three battalions a month and still have enough time spare to do other projects and I realise that constant 6mm will be getting old. I still am enjoying painting them though so that is a relief.


  1. I like the scope and range of your table. Perhaps that is what I need to stay fresh. I'm trying to decide how I feel about prep. When I get zen about it it's not so bad. Most of the time though I'm just pissed off that these stupid mould lines are such a pain in the a$$ to remove and keep me from painting the damn figures.

  2. @ Fran, LOL, I have started the Nap's but have sidetracked, see Wednesday post for details

    @ Sean, Well I think I envy you a little, I never WANT to prep and when I have that much to do, it makes me less keen but having done the whole months in the first two days it leaves me free to do the fun parts. As for the scope, well if I looked into the mountain I could really vary the range that I am painting. Over the next few months though you will be seeing a more varied mix whilst I remain constant with the Nap's target.