Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Building of the Week - Timber Frame House - Total Battle Miniatures

I know I said it would be the AAR of the Check Your Six games but I forgot I still had to do the building of the week slot. So the AAR is to be done before dashing over to Newstead Abbey for the Sealed Knot battle. 

The building itself is not newly painted, not even painted this year! But I count it as finished this week as I have added it to a base as part of my town. It's the first building of the town that is not a Leven Miniatures building, this one being a Total Battle Miniatures creation. It's next to the bottom of the page on the left Code  6BPBB09U and costs just £3 or £8 if you want it supplied painted.

It's part of the 6mm Black Powder range and I think will fit in well with the other buildings of the town. I will be adding a few more of this suppliers buildings to my town as well as plenty of the leven crop.

On the web site they have it as a red tiled building with most of the building then in a more washed out subdued browns and beige which looks rather nice. When I get wound to buying one or more of these extra I will do at least one in this way.

I really like the garret on the side of the building which gives it an almost fantasy feel. This make used to be my favourite manufacturer and I still like the mix of buildings they supply and being slightly larger in scale than Leven they remain good value though the building's themselves are not as crisp as Leven they have a charm of their own that pegs them over Timecasts more clinical style.

TBM are also not afraid to have a plain side to their buildings, something I do like to see. I have the majority of TBM buildings from the ranges for Black Powder, Pike and Shot and Spanish/Italian but have yet to touch the Russian range which I am fairly sure will change as I add more buildings to the ones I bought at last years Words from Andy Mc.

A great thing about TBM's is the free postage for orders over £20.01 which let's face it is most orders I would place anyway. I do have a rather nice TBM tile that I must paint up soon, I have had that piece since the Worlds as well from a trade with the self same Andy. It would be nice to get it painted with in one year of picking it up but it does not look good for it.

I have been busy painting terrain and buildings this week but with the game Thursday and general feeling of not wanting to do much I knew I would not get a fresh building finished but should make up for it at some point but as I had planned to slot in older buildings after rebasing I don't feel to bad about not getting something finished.


  1. Another little triumph Ian, I love the quirky architecture.

  2. @ Chris, Thanks, once I have a few more done for the town I will do a post showing it all set up, but that's a bit off as I have other buildings to paint.

    @ Michael, it's very quirky, as soon as I saw it on the stand I had to buy it