Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 15 August 2013

French Infantry Reinforcements Baccus New Line Infantry

I painted up the one Battalion of French Line Infantry (NFR1) back at Triples but I also had bought a further 12 Battalions worth at the same show that have had to wait whilst I painted up some of all the other new releases from Baccus

So it's been a bit of a delay before I got round to painting up a decent quantity of these new releases. I like to paint up a reasonable number at the same time as it speeds up painting. The most I have done in one go I think was five Battalions which felt a bit much, too repetitive to be honest. Three battalions seems a better number though four may be the way I go in future for the French as I am not doing them as Regiments in the same way I do the Prussians. 

As always I have included a few skirmishers out in front of the main body. Also the eagle eyed may notice the Adler figures on the base above/ The easy one is the mounted officer but also the casualty to the right is also Adler. 

I went with my standard spray them Ultramarine Blue from Army Painter as a primer then dry brush them with Vallejo Dark Blue (70930) rather than spray them grey as per Dr. Mikes new method. I think the blue method actually is faster and has the extra bonus of looking better as well. 

You may have spotted that I have now moved over to basing the French the same way as the Prussians, will I re base the rest? I doubt it but you never know.

I managed to foul up a little, the rear two ranks on this base were supposed to have the elite to the right but after cutting their bases in half I then put them side by side again, not realising until glued to the base and already working on the base so after an attempt to remove them failed I left them as is.

Close up of the casualty, I do like adding these to the bases but neither Baccus or Adler as yet do Prussian casualties witch is a real shame.

Given these are to be used at Waterloo I really should have more battalions in line but as these are not actually Waterloo dressed Battalions and will be used in many other battles I will continue to base more in column than line. This is the second Battalion I finished and was treated to a different look. Baccus bases fit nicely three side by side on a 60mm wide base which is the normal frontage in most rule sets. Here I started that bit to far from the edge and as such ended up with a slight overhang, but if I had taken that bit more care it would have been perfect. I have to say I really like the new French bases as they are fully rectangular and butt up to each other perfectly.

Another Adler figure finds it's way onto the base but again he is brown bread. These actually painted up nice and quick with only four painting sessions logged for the lot and another two short sessions for the basing and flagging which is a good thing as we still have a fair few yet to paint for Waterloo. I am sure we have enough French Infantry for Quatre Bras which we intend to have the first playtest of very soon.

Here is the third battalion, this one was done right I am relieved to say. So I now have about 40 battalions of French but half of these are Light Infantry so I need to crack on with the normal line to right the unbalanced force. As mentioned before Lee will be providing the guard but I am not sure how the rest will break down. Given I also want to do the guard at some point and also would like to have a full French army I don't see the need to worry if we end up with more than we need for the big game as we have bigger games in the future planned.

 Is this what was meant by top down wargame planning in that article in Miniature Wargames? :-) Well all things considered I think we are doing well with the twin projects of our Waterloo in a shed and Quatre Bras on the road. OK we only have the one show booked for QB and possibly need to talk about what other show we want to take it to. I want Joy of Six II to be the first show it is shown at, if only for a nod in Peter's direction for the chance to do it before we even had much drawn up for it. After that I don't mind pimping shows. Partizan kind of draws me if only because it's such a 28mm dominated show that I would have more fun in such a location and being just the one day also has it's draw.

Lee continues to grow Russians though I have heard no more about those Saxon's BUT I do know Lee has also bought some French infantry already painted so that mountain is already being climbed.

Lee plans to own all nations by the time he is finished and knowing Lee he will achieve this with little trouble. I am already thinking how we can harness this in some form of campaign (designed to generate battles rather than a real campaign with the aim of winning a war). 

Other aims of mine includes

Continue to build the Prussians to be able to fight other battles away from the 100 Days but also get Ligny fought at some point.

Continue to Build the French so that I can fight Lee's Russians all the way to Borodino I hope.

Finish off the French Allies for the Peninsular, this should be easy enough to do once I have Project Waterloo done and dusted.

Spanish, Lee will be doing one lot of Spanish so I want to do the other, not fussed which so wait on which Lee goes for. Spain will remain a location we will keep going back to fight our Napoleonic battles.

Of course this is just 6mm, I have lots of plans for the other scales too.


  1. Lovely, lovely work Ian. I've always admired your efforts in 6mm - you've really nailed the groundwork, which is such an important element in this scale.

  2. Fecking nice Ian, the bases are so active?

  3. @ Andrew, thank you, nice to work on something that is not Prussian for a change ;-)

    @ Chris, Thanks, was fun as Baccus tend to be

    @ Curt, from you this is a huge compliment, Thanks. The groundwork has come on, Lee was asking me if I would manage to rebase all my 6mm in time for the big game, I did not answer LOL

    @ Andras, Cheers

    @ Tamsin, Ta, still need lots more though.

    @ Fran, the guys on the horses aren't, a little bit disappointed with them if I am honest, Adler figures tend to have motion to them but not these.