Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Safety First

Have I joined a Madonna Tribute Band?
No it's not a picture of my new bra thank you very much! I have started to wear a dust mask when spraying primer or varnish. That is to say for the last couple of months I have been doing so. The one on the right is the one I have used each time. It's no trick of the light, it really is grey rather than white. In fact it's more noticeable in the flesh. But it's not really meant for spray it is a dust mask so the worst of the fumes do get through but the paint at least stops at the snout. 

So if any of you out there spray in any kind of confined space it's worth nipping to your local DIY shed and pick up a pack. Less than £5 could help prevent your lungs being turned to shite. Having watched my wife's Dad die from buggered lungs I can confirm there is plenty nicer ways to go and for the price of a pack of figures you could do yourself a favour.

In honesty I had no idea it was having the effect it was on the mask, it's a real eye opener considering the mask is put away inside it's bag so I know the only way this got this bad was use. 

OK maybe this is a slow post day but we have been out all day looking at Otters, Dear and Owls and just got back sprayed varnish on some French fellows and saw the difference in the masks and had to tell.


  1. Better be safe and sorry, this is one reason while hopefully I'll never work with that Oirish twat Fran again, he used to try and poison me every now and then, spaying his figures in the room next door then kept leaving the door open, you could taste the damn stuff all night!!! Git!

  2. good advice must pick up some myself

  3. Better than nothing but a spray booth or spraying outside would be better?

  4. So, when will you be posting pics of your new bra? ;)

    I was using dust masks, but decided a few months ago to upgrade to a respirator type and haven't regretted that decision. I also switched to spraying in my bathroom with the windows open (in the winter I can close two doors to retain the heat in the rest of the flat while the solvent fumes clear.

  5. I really must think about this more often, the "I'll just hold my breath" really doesn't hold up as a prevention!

  6. Good public service announcement. I try to remember to wear a mask when I'm digging or kicking up dust outside. That's how I got Valley fever. Could have stopped it with a hose and a dust mask. Oh well.

  7. I have a stack of them around the work area, my wife is very strict on me having one, even if it is covering my mouth. It just sucks in FL right now the heat so when you breath it fogs up my glasses!

  8. Thats very interesting! Certainly something to consider!

  9. @ Ray, really, I need to know, are you married to him? ;-)

    @ James, Good choice :-)

    @ Paul, we have a spray booth at work (only just got it) and it's good for spray mount but no good for varnish or paint I am told. I think price and location (as in where to put it) may be an issue. Where I live we have very few days a year where spraying outside is an option. It's the highest point in Notts and so even when hiding in a corner you still get wind so spraying outside tends to be a poor job and rather more expensive prospect.

    @ Tamsin, well you little minx you will have to wait till Blog-Con ;-)

    The full respirator sounds good, what make and how much?, you need to do a post about that (or did I miss it?)

    @ Michael, I was there but not that long ago I had a sneezing fit post time in the little spray room and was really shocked by the amount of blue snot looking back at me from my hanky, was a sobering site and yes I had been holding my breath.

    @ Milsy, I know your pain LOL

    @ Sean, That does not sound good, I also use mine when cleaning up Resin figures as well.

    @ Styx, I had the same issue cleaning up figures with mine on, fortunately I don't yet have to wear glasses for much.

    @ Roger, It has changed my attitude a lot but I am still a little taken back by the difference in colour of the two masks. I know it's paint and varnish that's sitting on that mask and whilst it shows it is doing it's job I know it's not designed for this and wonder how much still gets through.