Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ultracast RAF Fighter Pilot Work in Progress

Busy painting away at the 6mm which look to be on track so last night I did a little more on the Fighter Pilot. Having already painted his uniform in the flat colour, Vallejo Field Blue I now needed to set about doing the shading.

The model has excellent detail and a wealth of small and large folds and ripples in the jacket and trousers making the work flow really well. The question though is how did it go? Does it look right? and have I got it close enough to the right colour? 

OK that's more than one question, but why does that surprise? ;-) When I started out I thought this would be a few months project as I can't give it long spells given the amount of work I am committed to already and safe in the knowledge I could take till Christmas. Now I am thinking it won't make it to the end of September allowing me to move back onto my Crimean trio.

Here we have the canvas back of the life jacket which is a bit heavy handed shaded but is a fair copy of the example I have saved so will let that run. Still have the gloves and boots to do which again brings up the dreaded black (boots) but I plan to use Black Grey and black (similar to the hair) followed by a little play with ink post matt varnishing the figure.

I still have the silver of the buckles, the buttons and the hardest of the lot, the braid on the cufts, these will be done in the not to distant future. But do I need to go back to the uniform and do some more work on it? have I enough paint changes on the uniform (I have seven in total between the darkest to most highlighted.

Cath thinks the trousers most of all has too much highlight which I did tone back a bit but is it fine as it stands or does it need more or less tone? I still have the front of the scarf to add but before I do I want to do more work on colour change on that as well. The scarf will be gloss painted in area's post varnish to hopefully give a silken sheen on the highlight points and set it off.

This is how he would have looked in 1940 during the battle of Britain. I like how this picture brings out the shading without letting on if it's been over or under painted, it is NOT greyscale like Curt would do LOL


  1. I love that you added a black and white shot. Very fun. Nicely done at that.

  2. What a great looking model Ian, all very dapper those R.A.F. chaps.

  3. Now that is a classy piece of work.

  4. Very nice model , and really great paint , i follow you .

  5. That is a great paint there. I think your shading is spot on. Can't find a fault to it at the moment.

  6. @ Happy, that was last second inspiration, if Michael had done it though it would have been really old photograph style as he has class, talking of which...

    @ Michael, Suits in the sky, it's a very fine kit, really can recommend for quality and detail.

    @ Conrad, Thanks, really having fun with it especially as it seems to be erm, flying along

    @ Captain LOL, Praise from you is something to treasure, I would love to see you do the same model just to see how you nail it perfectly, so much to learn that way

    @ M R Lee, why thank you, another peer (as most of you are) so it's nice for the comments :-)