Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 16 August 2013

Kickstarter Kicks In

I have had the rules and the cut out figures in PDF for Arena Rex for a couple of weeks now. I have not even got round to looking at them as yet, though this will happen this weekend.

I have pledged a fair old amount to this so really I should have dived straight in but it's been a busy couple of weeks and yes I am making excuses up as I go along.

However I have started the one resin figure I already own and I hope to sort out a trial of the rules as soon as I get some card in the printer to print out the figures.

However I did get up to an e-mail from Red Republic showing some of the greens that are ready and I liked what I saw. I am not so interested in the over large or fay out fantasy Gladiator types but I do like very much the two I have attached to this post.

These have great movement and look really good. I think they will be a joy to paint and add something a little different to my table. I keep having urges to start painting up Fantasy figures but at the same time I know I will have trouble getting a Roleplaying group together which is a shame as I really want to GM again. Maybe I can think up a solution that will allow me to paint up the figures even if I don't get to use them, just seems a waste though.

Anyway look to see some kind of report on the rules and mechanisms in the near future. Today though I have no time, I'm off to try out the Quatre Bras scenario, won't look to fancy as it's more to test the playing area and not be a visual game. If all goes well we can then start work on the terrain, if it's too cramped we may have to build a bigger boat  ;-)

One useful point has come out of the playtest already though. I NEED a lot more command bases painting for my French, so much so that I will need to buy more figures, exactly when will Baccus have their new ones ready? I also fall short by seven battalions of French Infantry for the battle and a Lancer regiment which at least I have the figures for both. Strictly speaking I am short by the two Guard cavalry regiments but I am not to worried as these should be supplied by Lee when the big day comes round.


  1. I missed this kickstarter, but i'll have to get some of the minis when available. I especially like the celt with sword & round shield. really nice minis

    1. I like the look of most of the figures, not sure if I will expand on my pledge when they are available, the price for each figure is not going to be cheap but then they are very nice so you never know. Lots will depend on how it plays