Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Project Waterloo, The Prussians So Far.

I have filled up one A4 File Box and had to crack open another so thought it was a good time to get a few pictures of the whole lot together.

I have to say I thought it would look somewhat more imposing. This is about a third of the infantry, half the cavalry and a lot less command and guns required for the Waterloo re-fight. It is true though that they will take up far more space on the battlefield which is rather handy given the size of the table.

So I have 24 battalions of infantry painted so far with exactly half of these being Baccus. I am not sure exactly how many more battalions I have in my Prussian to paint box but it's still fairly full! Cavalry wise I have far more than will be used for Waterloo but then again I was never just building for that one battle so you will see plenty more of the cavalry as this goes on.

I already have made a start on this months levy, these should be finished either next week or the week after dependant on what takes my whim. I am further forward with the French which I will finish first.

I don't have a problem mixing the Baccus with the Adler at all, OK not all on the same base (except I probably add Landwehr skirmishers from Baccus onto the Adler Landwehr as Adler do not do them!)

It's the first time the guns have made in onto my blog for some reason. These are Adler howitzers, I am not 100% happy with the width of the carriage, they may be correct but they look really wide to me. I have quite a lot more of the Adler guns and crews which is a good thing given the number I will need for Waterloo, even if they don't get to be used as will be the case of many of them.

Here we have the 9ld guns all ready to knock holes in the French. I already have LOTS of French cannon's in part thanks to my Secret Santa from last year. Again it's a good job given the numbers we will be seeing in our game.

So not a bad start and you won't see another group shot till the second box is full or I finish a Corp. I am hoping that once I have enough cavalry finished these will get a game or three whilst we wait for the big game comes round. Before that you will get to see Lee's Russians who must be quaking in their boots waiting to face my French.


  1. Fecking lovely, the Prussians are a favourite of mine.

  2. Very nice miniatures. Looking good.

  3. So, overall that's about one-third of the Prussians you'll be doing for this project? That's already impressive, so I can't imagine what it will be like when it's commpleted :)

  4. They look imposing from this side of the lens. Idont think you will have any issues once you see them on a table :)

  5. I know you think this isn't imposing enough, but you've only done one third. When you get them all up, it's going to be a fearsome looking horde of soldiers.

    It would be nice if you get game with them before the big game. Maybe even a few times.

  6. Great (? :-D) army so far of these minis!


  7. @ Fran, They were the first 6mm figures I owned before crossing to the dark side and remain a favourite of mine.

    @ Chris, thanks, I sure like the mix of uniforms they have and who can ignore a cross on a flag eh?

    @ Tamsin, well in a little under two years you won't have too. I will have painted up about the same number of French too, but over a longer period of course.

    @ Andrew, I can think of a few issues come Waterloo, not least of which I will be facing them!

    @ Anne, I know, once I get 2/3rds of the way through I think I will start to sweat. We have to play them a few times at least to make sure they have the right stats to feel sufficiently Prussian. Special rules will be in play when it comes to the Waterloo game to represent the battering some of them had taken and mixing in the extensive marching on low rations from the previous two days and the hatred of the French twinned with the desire to crush them. I have a few ideas spinning round.

    @ Peter, I wish I was stronger on Cavalry then I would be able to use them now. Will paint up at least two regiments next month and the same again the following month which will do the trick.