Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Building of the Week Fachwerkhaus

In what suspiciously looks like a weekly pimping session for Leven Miniatures I present to you FAC02 Fachwerkhaus  Type B at £2.50 Now some of you will perhaps remember that I have already painted up the same building quite awhile ago when they first came out. I actually have another nine more mixed between Type A and B that I intend to paint up during the year which will make up the town I am planning.

All the buildings are placed on 60x60 bases which should all butt up to each other. The plan is to have plenty of the German buildings but also mix in other buildings as well. I will have lots of different combinations of tiles so that I can make up different shaped towns to suit our needs. I would not have set out on such a large project if not for the low price of Leven buildings, of course it's all relative given the amount of money I have spent on them. In fact if I had stuck to the higher priced suppliers I would have spent a lot less :-)

This one just has a slice of road running down the side of the building. The walls are somewhat yellow in colour rather than the more cream look of the previous two buildings which was my intent as I will use a bunch of different shades across them all.

So here I have the first four tiles with buildings on, though I also have a blank tile. Actually it looks really small with just these four done. I obviously need to base up some of the other finished buildings to help fill up the town.

Of course under my rules four battalions would fit in this town so it's not exactly small as it is in the scale of things. I have to say though that of all the Leven buildings that the German buildings take the most work and consume so much time as the timbers and walls take up a huge amount of time. My tip is to paint the wood first and fill in round the timbers as doing it the other way so often leads to a lot of careful and slow painting in straight lines.

 I also was aiming at getting the roof tiles a close colour match to the others but not so close as to be mistaken for the same colour. If it's going to be a big town it needs more than one tile supplier and also different ages to the tiles giving different tones. You wait till I start adding the various workshops ;-)

I feel a few shots with figures on will be in order when I get a few more buildings finished. I do like the street level shots, I think these are good enough to be mistaken for 15mm buildings and that's down to the craftsmanship of Leven. 

The irony of the fact these buildings will not be used as German for quite some time does not escape me, but I think they would work as Belgian or even back nearly one hundred years for the ECW or Thirty Years War. Convenient given the ECW army I have under way.


  1. Maybe I've been watching too much BBC because when I expanded the pictures, I wanted to see a little teeny tiny Doctor Who. Maybe sticking his head out of a little blue box.

  2. They are beautiful and I like the old layout back....again.....isn't it.......I think.

  3. Great looking buildings. Thanks for bringing Leven Miniatures to my attention.

  4. They are beautiful and all thats missing is Colonel Winters and the boys from Ez Company

  5. @ Happy, don't know about too much BBC, maybe too much grape? ;-)

    @ Fran, yes I plan to spend one month like this then the following the other way and keep changing between the two. This way is more popular but the other way seems to get a lot of old posts looked at (not to mention much higher hit rate)

    @ Robert, Your welcome, given the size of the range they seem the hobbies best kept secret

    @ PanzerKaput, Funny the only German houses I remember them around seemed to have most of the walls pulled down andthe roof someplace else LOL