Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 16 November 2013

4th Annual Painting Challenge and 200+ Followers

So Curt over at Analogue Hobbies has thrown down the gauntlet for another three months of fun and banter that is known as the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Those who have followed this blog for a year or more will already be aware of the fun and productivity this challenge supplies to the hobby in general and the painting divas in particular. Last year I was about to start work but managed to start just after the challenge so as to make maximum gains in the closing stages. This year will not see any where near the production of last year.

This year the challenge has again been expanded to allow even more entrants with the figure standing at 50 this time around. All the past entrants received an invitation to join in again but now space is being offered to will in the remaining slots on a first come basis so if you want in, get over to Curt's excellent blog via the link above and register your interest. A few new wrinkles have been added to make it more fun with a number of fortnightly challengers based on themes that you are free to enter or not as you feel (but look a lot of fun) and the usual entrance fee of a single figure, this time based on a certain film director. 

I urge you to be quick if your into this as the spare slots will go very quickly.

On the subject of numbers I have managed to reach the lofty goal of 200 followers over the last week and now sit on 201 which has really made my week. I had noticed the 200 bench mark though had not mentioned it as was trying to focus on the other posts but a big thank you to all that follow and especially to those that comment as this really fuels the interest in keeping the blog going. I know with the challenge soon to start we will see even more painting orientated posts but fear not other inane ramblings are contractually obliged.

Given the recent blog giveaway I do not plan to mark this event with any prizes, after all I still have two lots of prizes to paint, though Tamsin was reporting bruised ribs earlier from a subtle elbow poke  ;-) As for the buildings they finally are at the head of the queue and I hope to get them all finished within the week.

In fact the next 20 odd days will be about finishing as many things as possible ready for guns blazing. Anyway I am off to work out what I plan to do for the various challengers Curt has planned.


  1. A well deserved milestone Ian. I have also accepted the challenge this year we all now need to do a collective Badger culling to prevent us from being Sandbagged again

  2. Well deserved Ian (the milestone, not my bruised ribs!).

    I'm in one the Challenge as well - it will be interesting to see how we fare against each other this year after last year being so close between us.

  3. I'm in too.
    Convrats on the 200. I'm a bit bebind should I say.

  4. Yes, congratulations on the 200 milestone - very much deserved.

    And thank you for the shout out for the Challenge - I'm looking forward to our little three months of madness.

  5. Nice one on the 200+ followers Ian!

  6. Congrats on the 200. Thoroughly deserved as your blog is always a pleasure to read. See you in the challenge mate and good luck!

  7. Congrats on the 200 Ian! Good luck with the challenge too.

  8. Congrats with the milestone Ian! And good luck in the challenge!


  9. Congrats on the 200 followers. I'm sure you'll get 1066 pts no sweat in the challenge.

  10. Well done on the milestone Ian, bravo Sir.

  11. @ Andrew, got to worry about them Budgie Smugglers though!

    @ Tamsin, yes it will be interesting, especially if you have a sudden spalsh like the Pike last year

    @ Seb, thanks, I am sure you will catch up soon enough, you have a interesting blog for sure

    @ Curt, thanks, it would be good if I filled the odd seat ;-)

    @ Ray, cheers, it's funny once I got to 200 I picked up a couple more, still need more to catch up with the wife though LOL

    @ Michael, very nice of you to say so, yes I have a new set of personal goals this year

    @ Roger, cheers

    @ Peter, thanks

    @ Sean, I think if I go in for the challengers I will have to raise my target a bit

    @ Michael, thanks, good luck in this years challenge