Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Building of the Week Part II - Medieval Timber Barn

Just finished off this barn a short while ago just in time to be used as this weeks building of the week. Whilst it is sold by Leven Miniatures as FAR11 Medieval Timber Barn & Hay Loft I think this building has a few more uses. it would have gone well with the ACW buildings I have just sent off to Sweden and more importantly to me, as a general barn in Belgium. It may not be perfect for either location or time line but it works well enough for me.

It's another bargain at £2.50 a model and is typical Leven wares. I had painted up the wooden body of the barn a fair few weeks ago but got distracted by the Giveaway Buildings and it's sat waiting since. Today I did the usual pull out and finish off in a fairly quick fashion. I left the windows full black as the windows would not be glazed. 

The roof is a great shape which lends itself to my preferred location quite well. Indeed it had better as this is the first finished building for our Quatre Bras game and explains why it is not sitting on a base. Once the game is over then it might be added to a more permanent setting along with the farmhouse I have started work on.

Quite a speedy paint job so nothing fancy but that works with this building. We have yet to plan out exactly the number and type of buildings to be used in the display game but I have a fair few I can take over for us to plan it out a bit so that decision is not so far away.

The Analogue Painting Challenge starts in just over two weeks and the prepping is stepping up all over the globe. I have joined in this but right now I am in finish off mode as I try to get all the part painted miniatures finished and have a clear run. Still I managed to prep another twelve battalions of French Napoleonic's this morning and spray up seven 28mm's for my Fantasy Campaign so the prepping is not being neglected.


  1. Very nice work on this building Ian!

  2. Always nice buildings with excellent paint work !

  3. I like the way you're painting your buildings. Great work!

  4. @ Phil, thank's I think it has character

    @ Roger, cheers, it was a nice quick one which always helps

    @ Sam, why thank you and yes I have yet to see a Leven building that fails to paint up well

    @ Michael, ta, now all you need to do is down scale ;-)

    @ Peter, thanks, again a lot of help supplied in the sculpting

    @ Bruno, Thank's, it may be a surprise but I have only been painting buildings for about two years now.


  5. Fantastic painted building! I really like the wood effect!