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Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812 Kindle Edition Review

Some of you will be aware that recently my wife convinced me we should get a Kindle as Amazon were offering the basic Kindle for silly money. Well I knew Amazon also offered history books on the Kindle as well as novels and some of these were either rather cheap or even free and what's more some of these free books actually were worth reading. The fact that Cath seemed to be interested it getting one of these devil machines got me to agree with the idea, I mean I may have enough books already waiting for me to read to keep me going a year or more but Cath has read over 100 books already this year. We could save a load of money! 

Fast forward about two or so months and we have about six books on the Kindle all of which seem to be mine. According to Cath I would never agreed to buying one for myself, though she still alludes to wanting to add something herself...... one day. So I have added to my stash of books having spent a total of £0.99p but of course the books are only any good if you actually read them, especially when it's on such a contraption.

Napoleon's Campaign in Russia Anno 1812 cost exactly zip so it's the right kind of price but I would prefer to pay for a book than waste time reading a poor book. Well first off it was published in 1913 three years before the author Achilles Rose died. The book is not so much about the campaign of 1812 but rather about the medical effects on the men during this campaign but not just the terrible retreat from Moscow.

Indeed the suffering and loss of life started on the way to Russia mostly starting with the passage through Poland. The book touches on the Military but this is mostly background information and the reader is really shown the effects on body and mind that such a gruelling march under poor conditions could cause. The irony of suffering the heat in thick woollen coats into Russia and the suffering from the cold in threadbare cloths on the way out is not lost on the reader.

I downloaded this book with the idea that it would be about the campaign, battles etc. and being free had the opportunity to discard it for want of interest with no loss than a few hours wasted getting into the book. But that is not what happened, instead I was rather taken with the subject. Sure I would not have picked the book to read if I had known the nature of the book but I have to say that I am pleased I did. It's well worth reading if you want to read around the period and adds a layer of knowledge I am richer for gaining.

For those without either a Kindle or interest in using any other electrical reader you can still buy a second hand paperback for less than £7, for the rest well it be free you know.

The effect has been that I will continue to try getting a book on the fringe of my interests and why not when they are giving them away?


  1. I love the price of FREE. That's the best sale. We have a NookColor. I did try reading on it once and I found myself trying to physically turn the pages. Have to give it another go because it's easy to read at night with the lights off.

  2. I get "pricing not available" for my Australia location, but found a free copy epub format elsewhere with a simple search. Thanks for bringing this interesting book/topic to my attention, now to find time to read it.

  3. Excellent hint, Ian.
    Thanks a lot, I just bought the book for my Kindle-Ap on the mobile.

  4. There's a tone of stuff on there for free and it contains some really interesting titles. There are others which can cost as much as 99p, the robbing swines!


  5. @ Happy, you should indeed, though nothing beats real books and that's for sure.

    @ Sun of York, glad you got it sorted after the first hurdle. Would be great to hear your view of it.

    @ Monty, Hope you enjoy it, again let me know it would be good to get others view of it

    @ Gary, I know, how can you justify charging that much, LOL.

    I have a lot of real books as well so it's balancing what to read