Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 25 November 2013

Fantasy Figure Female Ranger

Another Player Character off the paint desk and into the game. Only problem is that this is again a stand in figure as this is a Human Ranger and we need an Elf Ranger. I did not realise how difficult it would be to find a figure that would suit. Seems there is not so many Female Elf figures that are not pure magic users about. So any recommendations are very welcome.

This is in fact real old school Fantasy and I think it's a Grenadier  model. Don't hold me to it though, just seems that Cath had a handful of Grenadier castings and it looks their style. The player actually does not have all the kit the figure has but it seemed the closest that we had on hand.

I have to admit their is something a bit Wonder Woman about the figure, what with the head gear and the flowing hair. Not that it struck me as so when I was painting it up which is probably a good job. Another fairly basic paint job with just a few high and low lights added per colour.

I like the pose and it's interesting that two of the five figures chosen are using bows and not swords. I guess it's the Ranger in them ;-) Again I went with greens for the most part but had some fun with the armour, just because. Now all the players are done I can add some real colour to the game with the NPC's I have in mind.

Sometime this week  will do a little write up on the campaign so far and it has been that bit more colourful through using a few adventure hooks from Gothridge Manor well actually his excellent zine The Manor and one of Tim's adventure on a page so for any one running a Fantasy Campaign it's well worth dropping buy and getting yourself a copy. The Manor 5 came out over the weekend and already I have a few ideas from it in mind for sometime in the campaign so well worth picking up. More on these when I do the campaign write up.


  1. Lovely job Ian, she looks brilliant.

  2. Try the Reaper Figure Finder
    Female, Elf, Bow yields 25 possibilities.

  3. Nice mini. Good work on the eyes, they can be real tricksy.

  4. @ Michael, cheers, was fun to paint.

    @ Stu, thanks for the heads up, it's perfect and after checking it out I am sure we can get a better figure to use in the future

    @ Lee, I tend to do a bad job on the eyes and then paint backwards till they look correct which seems to give a better finish than trying to get it right in one go

    @ Ray, Thanks mate


  5. Another nice figure. The big hair is very 80's. I get more of a Farah Fawcett vibe than Linda Carter, but maybe that's just me.