Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 15 November 2013

Chatter Behind the Bike Sheds - Winter's Nights

So it's here I guess. I go to work in less than full light and usually back after dark. It's that great time that most of us love for the chance to stay indoors and paint, even if that's all we like about it. Still fr many the winter tends to be their most productive. As for me, I am struggling a little, not to paint but rather undercoat and varnish. Seems that a good part of the weekend light will be spent either priming or varnishing as many figures as I can get through the process as it seems to be a bit of a bottle neck. I also struggle to get any half decent images, to the point I may just bite the bullet and get a light tent!

This afternoon I got back from my treatment at hospital and varnished twelve Battalions of Prussians but I still have three roleplaying models to varnish and don't get me started on getting figures primed and yes I really do need to get as many figures prepped as possible because.........

The 4th Annual Painting Challenge is due to start soon and you know how we like to have a heads start on the prep. Well I know I will not be able to put in the showing of last year, though it should see me pushing more lead through the grinder as I try and get the French on an equal footing to the Prussians ready for the big game of 2015. Meanwhile I will try and get all my part pained figures finished which includes the Baccus Currassiers, four Prussian Hussar regiments and the first 144 Zulu's that I have finally started. The other 300+ will be seen off during the Challenge. 

I still have a lot of figures I prepped for last years Challenge that never crossed the table so these will need to have their day of reckoning sometime but I shudder to think when. So what do I want to set myself to do during the Challenge?

Baker Company Kickstarter purchase is due any day now and given I have about 120 figures dropping in with more come March I will get onto these as soon as they land. I also have the Arena Rex Kickstarter that could land any day or er not (My money is on mid to late March) but if they land I will have to have a go at them. Tamsin could send me here 54mm figure to do as well (hint hint) and then I have those new planes.....

But it's a mix of old and new I really want to get going on, those Roman's won't paint themselves and maybe just maybe some of the Seleucid should grace my table again. Of course I have loads of Fantasy to paint and will be banging away at all the French I need to get done. Busy times ahead for sure and thanks to the Prussian purchase you can look forward to a good mix of scales and periods which I am sure will be welcome.


  1. Yes the challenge is all but upon us and like you it is not so much prepping that I need to be doing as dusting!

  2. I haven't got that much to paint for the challenge, so I may end up digging out some older figures that have been stuck in my unloved box for years.

  3. Same winter weather situation in my part of the world as well. Go to work in darkness and return in darkness. Some days, you never see the sun. In fact, in December it can be dark at 3:30pm. That's no good! I certainly understand the difficulty of priming and varnishing during the winter months. Even in an enclosed garage, priming and dullcoting can be tricky business.

    Keep your chin up and look forward to spring.

  4. @ Michael, I managed so few of the figures I actually prepped last year but given they still are in the same state I guess I had better get on with them

    @ Ray, funny how we buy them with great expectations then just leave them wanting

    @ Jonathan, I would love the enclosed garage space, we don't have it as bad as you though. I actually enjoy winter, even the snow but unlike most, I think the winter will slow down my work not speed it up