Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Blog-Con Gains

Sorry but you will have to wait till Monday for my Blog-Con pictures as I can't download the images from my phone till tomorrow but I can give you a bit of a report of sorts.

Set to start at 10AM saw a few of us setting up games from pre 9am. Some of the games were 100% pure eye candy but given the laughter I would say they were also fantastic fun.

We had about 30 people attend on Saturday but I did not pay close attention to numbers. No one was without the chance to play though as you would expect socialising was the main aim of the day. Unfortunately for me I had a very poor nights sleep and the floor conspired to make my joints sing a little. The upshot was me getting up past start time and still feeling somewhat rough so as I suspected would be the case did not show today. If I had the Dreadball I would have felt compelled to attend so it's probably best it did not turn up.

But be sure it was a great day and one you will be reading about on other blogs, I will go into a bit more detail tomorrow. However I have pictures of what I brought back as extra to taking with me.

First up I picked up from Dave a lot of 6mm Adler Napoleonic's. When I say a lot consider the following images are about half of what we brought back. Lee and I went halves on them and at the time of splitting was not really sure what each had ended up with. Turns out we both got a great deal and actually the split worked out right whilst both of us thought we might have ended up with more than the other.

Lee has already got all the Brunswick regiments for Waterloo and as such these fell to me by default. In total I have 38 cavalry figures, 88 infantry and seven guns and crews. These look excellent but I am not sure what I will do with them. For now I will hold onto them but these could be up for exchange as I don't plan building a British army so not sure how I will ever use them.

I wanted the early French so got a total of 108 splendidly painted figures which Dave himself had painted (he was selling the figures for a friend).

Each picture shows half the total number of these great figures. The only shame is that these will have to go into figure limbo whilst I work on the main project but I really look forward to getting back to.

I also have a small Polish painted force. The Duchy of Warsaw has been something I really want to do at some point as I want to have a good sized 1812 force and it's probably the next major 6mm project for me post Waterloo.

Shako French I also snaffled up, enough for six battalions and three guns. I need to paint up the skirmish elements to be able to base these up so I am thinking I will move to these once I have cleared some space on the table.

The lions share of painted though is the Prussians. Enough to supply me with 18 Battalions of infantry, 14 Regiments of cavalry and 7 guns and crews. These will certainly help with Waterloo Project though I still plan to paint all the Prussians I own for other battles and I am really happy to have gained these troops as it allows me to be more free with what I paint which keeps the blog a little more fresh.

In unpainted lead I have the rest of the Poles making up a Division Pack another reason the Poles may find themselves next after the Waterloo painting is done.

Backing this up is a whole later French Division pack with enough additional cavalry to form nine regiments so these will be added to the Waterloo pile though I am not 100% sure I will need them as I have a lot of the new Baccus figures and being quicker to paint and my preferred figures these will stay in front of these for the most part. Given the size of the French army in other battles I know these will be very useful.

So a great big slab of Adler. Interesting enough is that these Adler are really clean casting's as they were bought years ago. Not so long hat they are bobble heads, in other words these are perfect Adler and I think the painting experience will be terrific.

Lee for his part has overnight bulked up his painted Russians and made a dent into his yet to start Austrian's which looked gorgeous. He also has A LOT more unpainted Russian's so much so that he thinks he won't need any more, er ever? Backing these up was another Division pack but this time Wurrtemberg which was close to one of the Nations that was on his radar for the future. So between Lee and myself we picked up around 6,000 or more figures, I am just starting to think we are ever so slightly mad.

Not that I stopped with just the Adler as James had a lot of the Blazing Skies planes I had bought the other day which were not doing anything and wanted to know if I wanted them. A few emails later and I had agreed to exchange my Baccus Anglo Saxon army that was not going to see action for this pile of plastic.

I know I won't paint the lot so will be giving some to Lee and we will get this done between us at some point. I plan to start the German's fairly soon as both Lee and myself are into the Battle of Briton and I will be taking some over to Matt to see if they can fit in with his planes. If all works out well Matt will end up with some more Bombers and three of us will be working them over.

A bag of metal planes that may be American, got to wait and see on these. So this is another diversion but I feel well within my rights to blame Lee and James  ;-)

I also have enough plastic stands to probably supply one per plane. All told a massive collection and all I need to do know is get them all sorted and started, not sure how time factors in all this. I'm starting to need a Tardis  both for storage and time creation to paint it all up!

I did offload a few bits whilst I was there as freebies, items I had bought in the past or traded for but did not want. I have even found a new home for a spare field kitchen I don't yet have LOL.


  1. That's a hell of a haul! LOL

    Looking forward to your account of the weekend.

  2. The Keeper's out of luck I see?


  3. Goodness me, how much did that weigh!

    1. Lets just say I was glad I transported them in the car

  4. glad to see them go to a good home where they will get used

  5. It was a joy to meet up. I did feel for you and Lee staggering out with your Adler stash... I did warn you there was a lot!

  6. Good to see you in the flesh old boy!

  7. Looks like a cracking day and what a fantastic haul! Commiserations on the joints though - ouch!

  8. It was great meeting up and seeing the wee soldiers in the flesh and I am truely amazed with the quality of them

  9. really digging the loose formation of those early french troops. nice to sort of make the unit look larger, and pick out the individuals a bit. Might do some large reserve units in a similar basing style or maybe Landwher or Russian Militia, whichever army i decide needs to battle the frenchies.

  10. That is a very impressive haul Ian!

  11. Sounds like a great day and good trading too.

    Cheers, Ross

  12. Hi, great to meet and chat to you at Blog-Con, I have found your blog as a result and signed up as a follower, so another small gain!

  13. Its a pity I could only make the Sunday so our paths never crossed! Good haul though, looks like you had a great day.

  14. Great to meet you in the flesh Ian!!!

  15. @ Edward, it was indeed, my Camera failed me on the day, then my legs the following day, need to sit down more next year

    @ FMB, I think I may have scored a few home goals to be honest, that's enough to keep me going for years!

    @ Michael, actually more at the tram than when we left Foundry. It was well worth it though and bear in mind we also brought all the painted lead, hills and lots more.

    @ James, steady there lets not rush things. I think I won't do much with these for a few weeks/months but then will work on them in stages but yes they will get used at some point LOL

    @ Paul, good to meet you up and thanks for the compliment. I would have loved to see your game

    @ Dave, you did indeed but we were both happy to carry them off, it's character building you know

    @ Fran, likewise, good to see you and find you are real ;-)

    @ Gary, Shame we could not meet up and hope your knee's are getting back to normal

    @ Impcommander, we like the feel of the bases and it allows for some cool mini displays

    @ Roger, we was amazed at the haul we managed to gather, we are lucky lads

    @ Roma912, both on both sides

    @ Warlord Paul, great to meet up as well, glad you found my blog, yours is cool too.

    @ Lee, It was a real shame we could not meet up but will cross at some point.

    @ Ray, you too mate,


  16. Really nice purchases you made Ian! Have fun painting them!


    1. I landed some good stuff for sure, as to fun sure will but when is the question for a lot of it, after all I have thousands of things to paint now LOL