Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blazing Skies WWII Plane Review

My old mate Lee who has never been slow to spend my money (or me his) sent me an e-mail last week just saying check out Blazing Skies WWII planes. That was it, no linky no explanation just a certainty that I would and when I did goal number one would be achieved.

So in my very best customer service type way, why not pop over to Blazing Skies to get an eye full of what was subjected to. Yes it will be eye candy.

Looking at the unpainted planes on the website was something of a turn off as they look fairly ropey but given the price and £1 postage I thought I would grab a few. What you see above cost me a massive £4.70 including postage. Yes that's £4.70 for seven planes. The ME109E are just 45p each. I have seen enough to want to get plenty more but will test how they paint up first.

My only real issue is that the plan was to go for Russia but I have always been a fan of the old favourite Battle of Briton so I may swerve this way for the time being. First I need to talk to Matt in case he really does not fancy that, not that it would stop me going for them but I would throw the Russians into the mix from the start.

If these paint up well though I can see a very cheap force being built up and away I go. Not that BS's are limited to this one campaign a they also supply American fighters, The Fortress (£0.90 each) the Lancaster and the later German planes. No Russians though, I think these are slightly smaller than the metal planes, scale is 1:350th but Adrian intends to later extend his range though these will be metal and not the plastic planes you see and I assume with a marked price increase but whilst the detail on these is soft I think they are good enough for making up a nice sized collection.

I just need to get some decals and away I can go, anyone recommend a good supplier in this scale? Another point is that the Stuka comes with separately cast wheels (attached to the fuselage) which I think is a good move.

On a separate point I have gained a few new followers recently and whilst I don't normally greet each new friend I would like to thank one and all for the compliment you pay me when you do indeed join the ranks. I am close to 200 followers but having ran a number of giveaways recently will not celebrate as such but when I do get to 200 I have a special post in mind that may be worth adding your name to the roll call. 

A second reason to join up is that my wife is thrashing me on followers and I tire of that woman's taunts so as a matter of honour I think all you none followers need to join up just to halt her victory dance  ;-)


  1. You can't go wrong at that price Ian!

  2. what scale are these because I have a couple of hundred WW2 planes at a small scale (not sure the size right now) that you are more than welcome to I will bring them down to Blog-Con if you want

  3. You can't let the mrs beat you on this Ian!!You may have to fight dirty, I hope you realise that?

  4. @ Michael, These are plastic so don't count. You can get them sure that your LEAD mountain stays the same

    @ Fran, too true, will be interesting if they paint up well

    @ Dave, shame they are not the same scale as most but will take these over to Matt's to scale compare

    @ James, I would be interested, I will send an e-mail and we can talk cost

    @ Ray, I don't know her password so can't delete any followers. I hid her laptop but she found it within a month or so ;-)