Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 29 November 2013

Building of the Week Part I Leven Release New Mediterranean Buildings

After the flurry of new releases of late September through October you could be forgiven if you thought Leven Miniatures would now be resting on it's laurels but no yet another embryo range is spawned. Mike has released six Mediterranean buildings into what is possibly the most crowded area of painted buildings with Timecast, Total Battle Miniatures and Baccus all having buildings for this area listed under Italian or Spanish buildings. I seem to have all the TBM and most of the Timecast but it will not stop be getting these once I have generated some game funds and possibly post the painting challenge. 

What looks clear to me is that these buildings are no clowns of other ranges but are nice and different to what is available. Given the slightly smaller size that Leven tend to be it will be interesting how well they fit in with the other providers but I was pleased that at Blog-Con no one mentioned any size issue with our game but only had words of praise for the detail Leven buildings displayed.

Taken from the Leven website
These buildings look quick to paint and come together as a nice core for a range to be built round them. Each building is £2.50 each a typically low Leven price and look to be a bargain. 

Part II of Building Of The Week will be a Leven building but not from this range so look out for tomorrow post.


  1. They could certainly prove useful.

    1. Indeed I think they will. Just taking on a commission that will see these in my hands that bit sooner.