Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 8 November 2013

One More Sleep till Blog-Con

Whilst the hardy fellows like Ray and Fran are travelling up or down country to the hub of all things Wargaming (can anywhere else truly claim to be the wargames capital of the UK?) I have a rather pleasant but full on task of getting ready for Blog-Con. Now I would like to say that I would be like Dave and have all the gear stowed away ready for the big event and the only reason in this unholy haste is just down to a massive U-Turn on what I am doing but alas I think nothing would be different. Still it gives me a great excuse.

I at least have a few copies of the rules to hand out but I still have to sort out the units and stats for the French, hell three of the battalions are still drying that I plan to use tomorrow. I have yet to gather the buildings, hills dice etc. but fear not I won't forget everything, just most of it.

I left Lee last night planning which units to flag for the game and I have a sneaky suspicion he got straight down to work on them. It's going to be a fairly small action, just around 20 battalions of infantry, 9 regiments of cavalry and guns in support.

I want to use as many of my new Baccus French as I can so finished off the figures I had painted but not based last month. All these are the standard French line with Voltigeurs and the odd Adler casulty for base interest.

I have to admit the basing was a little rushed so I have not added much in the way of base interest. Even so I am rather pleased with the basing apart from catching the odd figure with a bit of the basing gunk but overall I managed not to balls it up.

So I will have these three battalions to go with the other new Baccus I have painted up recently, I should also have the five guns finished on display as well as the new French Cavalry I have managed to finish which will be in the game but I will also bring the early French on display for the early war fans to take a look at.

We plan on the game lasting about two hours but we have said that before LOL. Anyway plenty of room to jump in and have fun. Right now though, I need to sort out those troops.


  1. If you let big Lee use the new French , they will run away , by all stories of his dice rolling..

  2. Upon looking at your suberb Federals, and back to these lot. I'm definately gonna pick up the Baccus French Starter Army. then maybe the larger "game in a box" kit for the holidays, that weighs in at something like 79 pounds. thanks for the inspiration sir! Can't wait to watch the final Waterloo battle come to fruition

  3. @ Phil, thanks, though they never got to fire a shot in the game LOL

    @ Dave, Unfortunately I was not there when Big Lee arrived but he was channelling his negative waves as two units routed on rolling boxcars (bad in our rules)

    @ Happy, Cool indeed it was a lot of fun

    @ Impcommander, Hope you don't regret getting into the 6mm disease ;-) I am really looking forward to the game. It was a bit sobering when we considered that the table we will do the Waterloo game was three times as big as yesterdays game. We will have about seven feet of space reserved off table just for stacking the units as they arrive. I have the dubious honour of painting up and then watching the Prussians arrive on the table and probably roll up my flank LOL


  4. That are some fine looking units, you have there, Sir! Really like them!


    1. Thank you very much, I have another 40 or so to do at least before we do Waterloo so you may see a few more before I am done