Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Board Wargaming Project Quatre Bras

First ASL now mention of more Board Games? Er that would be no, in this case it's the playing surface of our 6mm Quatre Bras game. All nine boards to be exact which you may remember is 6' by 5'.

This is the sight that met me when I nipped round to Lee's last night. He had sealed the hills in brown Sandex and started to add varnish to the stream and pond bed as well as marking the roads out as you can see from the picture above. My forces will be coming from the left of the picture. 

Here you can see the road area far more clearly and the area to the bottom of the image is the sight of one of the farms and the stream crosses just beyond this with the large pond to the left. A bridge crosses this point and I expect this spot to see some hot action as Lee tries to hold the bridge and I try to batter him into giving up the position, though it's a strong position as a hill is just to the right across the stream.

The pond which will do little other than divert my troops round it but by the time Lee has finished with it it will be worthy of a few shots just because it looks so good.

Here we have the crossroads of Quatre Bras towards the rear of the table and will be one of the locations I need to try and capture to gain the victory. The buildings will be strung out along the roads and should supply some nasty action if I get there and Lee still has a force to be dealt with. 

A view from Lee's side of the board. The hill you see running along the right hand edge is almost totally covered with a woods that historically was fought over a great deal. In our original playtest it was also to see a lot of the action though I was also driving hard in towards the centre with Quatre Bras  in the distance.

Well I left the boards looking a lot different to this as we painted the whole of the none road/stream/building area's and then coated in a layer of sand. Quite a quick process that ended with us having quite a natter that was only in part this game but was 100% games. 

One nugget that came from the chat was that I have a total of 76 French battalions to paint up with a smattering of cavalry as I have most of these painted already. No it's the infantry and guns that need most of my attention as well as of course the Prussians still on the block. The bright spot is that I have already got about 30 of these either painted or bought needing basing so I have enough time to paint these up and still be able to paint up a rainbow of other figures. A good job with what I have incoming and already waiting it's turn.


  1. Really nice BIG board, should be a suitably epic engagement!

  2. That is looking really impressive Ian.

  3. That's looking pretty cool, I like how the pond is turning out.

  4. Looks good already but I'm lookig forward to seeing the finished table. Very impressive.

  5. @ Impcommander, Big yes and it's going to be full but it's small enough for us to take to a couple of shows which is the plan for next year. We will be doing Joy of Six a one day show and also one other yet to be decided, though I would like a two day show to have a chance of playing it through.

    @ Michael, well once the sand was on it started to look even better! it's having I think four different colours of drybrushing on top of the different tonal base colours.

    @ Dave, thanks but it's got a lot more growing to do. I am starting the buildings now so we should be able to test the game in the next couple of months. We have until June or July to get this sorted but I think time will start to run on now.

    @ Sam, cheers, you wait till we fill it LOL

    @ Commissar80, I think Lee is doing an excellent job on the pond and really looking forward to seeing how that turns out

    @ Lee, The table when done will look a lot different, lots of woods need adding and farms so it will change a lot. Then we add lots of troops which will make the boards look full for awhile but I think we can cut back on numbers after a few turns


  6. Looking very nice to me too...great work!

  7. I see some good progress on this project! Looking forward to see it filled with troops!