Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 7 November 2013

A Change To The Advertised Program

This Way To Blog Con

I was going to be doing rolling demo's of Dreadball at Blog-Con but unfortunately the game has as yet not arrived. I really wanted to do the job properly and be fully versed with the rules before sitting down with players and running the shortened game that promised to be rather exciting. To do this I had to test it a number of times and get a good feel for it. Now I just don't have the time and have instead started the preparation for a 6mm Napoleonic's game with Lee that anyone can join in and I can just concentrate on the rules.
Talking of rules, this will be the first time they have been released on other wargamers so I will be looking forward to hearing others thoughts on them and any improvements they have in mind. I already have one minor change that I want to add before printing off but need to discuss with Lee tonight whilst we work on the Quatre Bras boards.
Our game will be based in Russia (If Lee has managed to do his flagging) so will see lots of never been played with Russians and a few new French units to boot. It will of course by definition be a fairly basic game as we have not had the time to really do it justice but will be good practice for the main event at Joy of Six and I will get to use my Russian Buildings I bought from Andy M a little over a year ago which is a big bonus.

All in all it kind of works out better for us and seems to be written in the stars as Lee was supposed to be working in Scotland but now is free and it's a chance for me to drive him to an event for a change.

We get to pick up the Adler Napoleonic's that should keep us busy for a few years to come and I get to trade my Anglo Saxon army for a lot of Burning Skies planes that will again take me years to paint up. Seems next stop is Pendrakon to get some of the plane decals. Life sure is fun and Blog Con is VERY soon. Hope to see some of you there.


  1. Great news I will be looking in on this game
    Peace James

  2. Well, to be honest, I'm a confirmed Napoleonics fan anyway, so no problem there for me. I'd like to see the Dreadball, but, obviously, only when you;'re comfortable with it.

  3. When one door closes another opens, best of luck with the game Ian.

  4. Look forward to seeing the massed ranks!

  5. The watchdogs are out for pictures of this battle ;-)

  6. Not sure there will be massed ranks as the rules we use are still in play testing, and this is the first time we will have used the Russians and there are a few minor adjustment to the rules for the Russian need testing. so planning on just a small engagement to test the rules

  7. I shall look forward to giving them a go!

  8. I will be there as a die hard grognard cant miss this!!

  9. Are you running this on both days Ian? I wasn't planning to go to blog-con but may now be able to make it on Sunday. It would be good to see your figures in the flesh , so to speak, and have a go with your rules. I'm debating which rules to use for my 1814 project at the moment.

  10. @ James, hope it meets the grade ;-)

    @ Gary, well it still has not arrived so I am thinking it won't now but if it does I will report on it for sure.

    @ Michael, I have to admit to feeling I get a good deal out of this.

    @ Dave, Yes but my highlight may be the reinforcements that arrive on the day ;-)

    @ Tomsche, Well I will use the phone and as I left the lead at work you may have to wait till Monday unless Lee posts about it.

    @ Lee, your idea being over thirty units a side then LOL

    @ Ray, you are very welcome, hopefully Fran will be on the other side

    @ Andrew, No pressure then LOL

    @ Peter, Lee can't be there and I am not sure I will. Standing up for a large part of the day and thinking tends to tire me out so may have to miss day two. If I am fit I would bring the Prussians and so could give the game a twist. If not I will make sure a set of rules are left for you. Not fully sorted yet (mostly stats for the various Nations not yet used) but easy to work your own into it. The plan has always been to have them as free to use rules so all is good with that.


  11. Best of luck showing off your baby to other gamers!


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