Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 22 November 2013

Three For One Post

First up a big shout for Dave at One Man And His Brushes who hit 100,000 hits recently and is having a give away to celebrate. If you have not visited Dave's blog then your missing a real treat that goes way beyond serious eye candy so take this excuse to go see what you have been missing.

Keeping on the subject of Dave, I got home today to find a package from him with more of the 6mm I had bought off his mate. These are a few more of the Brunswick troops that have been painted up by no less a man than Dave himself (do you love the bridge eh?)

These chaps double the lance armed cavalry I received at Blog-Con and completes the regiment rather nicely.

I single base of eight infantry that will be added to the others allowing me now to field four Battalions if I add the skirmish elements to them. I really like what Dave achieved when painting up these guys.

Five command figures which now gives me seven command figures which means three command bases so a big smile as I tick that box.

And this curious base with the three guns and a limber with a few dead crew. I already had a base of these but with four guns on it, I can only assume they were for a set of rules to show a gun position that had been overrun? Well like all the other figures they are excellently painted.

So thank you Dave for sending the extra bit's and sending them on to me. I was talking to Lee on Wednesday and he has now sanded all his painted bases and just needs to drybrush them and tuft, some how I feel inadequate  :-)

Not that these were the only items to land on the doorstep as I also have reinforced the brushes ready for the challenge as some of the larger brushes were getting to the past it stage and given I am planning on painting more of the larger figures in this challenge I thought it an idea to be ready, though Rosemary & Co are so fast at turning orders round I would not have been without long at all.

Keeping on the subject of gathering forces for the Challenge I am off to Caliver Books on Saturday to pick up more primers as I am down to the last two cans an well if I see something that looks right for one or more of the themes I will be grabbing some more lead, well it would be rude not too after all.

I also have been cleaning up figures and have added three Legions in 15mm that will be ready to roll on day one and I expect any day my Winter War package, oh it's sure exciting.


  1. looking forward to seeing you break in those new brushes, am planning a huge primer weekend myself so may be stocking up by Sunday

  2. Ahh new brushes thanks for the reminder Ian :)

  3. Beautiful work, love the guns and limber...

  4. Lovely stuff there and I too love the overrun limber and guns

  5. Ah yes..the gun position .. Designed to cause disorder if units pass through it

    Glad you like them!

  6. Nice post. I too like the overrun gun position, good terrain piece.
    Good luck in the Challenge. I will cheer from the sidelines as an innocent bystander.

  7. First time I have looked at your blog Ian, you really are the master of the small figures, the basing is excellent and when put together they look like great armies.


  8. @ James, I continue to prep now I am back with the varnish and primer, a total of five can's between the two, should last me till the next show as I have one can of each still in hand ;-)

    @ Andrew, I am sure you would not run out but your welcome

    @ Phil, yes they are very nice I will have to try and match to these at some point

    @ Paul, they are a nice touch, hope to get to use them in our games where Lee uses his Brunswick's LOL

    @ Dave, ah, I see, I guess Lee would have something to say about that

    @ Mike, shame your not in this but I hope you vote for what you think is the best in the various themed rounds as they promise to be great fun

    @ John, well these figures are not done by me in this post but I have painted all I own except a few figures such as these from Dave. I also paint larger scales as well which will come to the front in the coming challenge


  9. Looking forward to seeing your output during the challenge.