Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Baccus Chasseurs a Cheval New Figures Review

Continuing the steady review of all things new in the Baccus French Napoleonic range we now get to Plain Jane of the French cavalry. Yes the often maligned Chasseurs or as I like to think, the Hussar Wanabe's. OK that is certainly for comic effect. I actually already have five Baccus Chasseurs regiments and need plenty more to fill the ranks for Spain and of course a few more for Waterloo.

Where to start? Well lets start with the obvious. The uniforms are a great deal plainer than their brothers in arms and as such could be discounted when compared to the more flashy Hussars but I think the sculptor has risen to the challenge and produced a really nice set of figures. The saddle cloth for instance has a great shaped trim that is easy to paint as the detail is nice and clear.

Again the faces of the riders has great detail, not sure though what they have to be so happy about. The detail throughout the figures is both clear and well thought out. Typical of all the new cavalry the detail is there if you want it, but you can leave it out and still get a good looking figure. That is sensible design if I have ever seen it.

Again look at the detail in that face and the horses. A great piece to work on. Clean up wise was more than I tend to expect from Baccus. That is a few minutes to remove light mould lines on the shako's and down the head of the horse as well as rear but nothing much and yes I do mean a few minutes across the nine figures. I think everyone knows my dislike of doing the necessary job of clean up so rest assured when I say it's acceptable I actually mean "there is very little to do".

Working with the table rule I think you have to agree they really pass that test. Again I put this down to Baccus supply the correct detail that needs painting g allowing the painter to make a good looking unit.

The horses are again rather mobile, and look to be cantering which suits light horse well. Again personally I would have liked the riders to be bent slightly forward but I do think that in this case more than the Hussars it would have robbed the finished figures of some of their detail as it would have hidden some of the detail. I certainly do not mark them down on this point.

Again you can own these are Baccus figures with the typical Baccus pose of sabre vertical ending at the head gear. This I am sure allows for a cleaner figure and adds to it's durability for those distant campaigns. Obviously if it's what you don't like about Baccus then it's got no better. If you like it then you will be over the moon. Me I think I am somewhere in the middle. I would have been happy to see these with a different pose but it works and is easy and quick to paint. I think the majority will be happy wit the pose.

So overall it's a big fat tick in most of the boxes, it's certainly an upgrade on the previous Chasseurs from Baccus and I think they will stand the test of time. Given that these figures are for the supposed most ordinary (posh for boring) mounted troops the French posses I think they are perfect for the job. Easy and quick to paint but in so being they have a charm of their own. So I think these will be some of the gems that Mr. Berry will release on us and I am certain he knows it.

Just a few points I want to be clear on. Peter supplied me with all the new French cavalry and artillery for free but without any greater request than for me to tell him what I think. We have exchanged a few e-mails, especially regarding the flag and the reasoning behind it. How ever all views expressed are my own and not coloured by personal view of Peter and the freebies I have received. I will admit I am warming to the flags and look forward to what I make of the Cuirassiers flag, not to mention the figures themselves. 

Another point is that when I painted the Hussars it had Chasseurs for six figures and three that were the Hussar Command. I will be correcting the mistake by painting the correct figures up once they arrive. So any one scratching their heads wondering what I was up too can now have a rough idea.

I have painted up the crews for the new French Artillery and have started the guns. I hope to get these finished before the weekend though you may have to wait till after Blog Con to see the results.


  1. Hi Ian,
    Wow!!! I cannot believe how much detail you have picked out in such a small figure.
    Very nice!!!

  2. Baccus do make some great figures for such a small scale.

  3. How the hell do you paint things that small! Great results Ian!!

  4. @ Phil, Cheers mate

    @ Paulalba, it's mostly in the sculpting, I can't praise Baccus enough as they have achieved great detail without the usual deep requirement in time.

    @ Ray, they do indeed. At a later date the ECW range is being extended into TYW and as such the figures will be redone. So even though I already have two army packs......

    @ Happy, You too ;-)

    @ Rodger, Thanks, good figures + small brush + good light = result. Nothing more to add LOL


  5. I've been going back and forth between the ACW and Napoleon's Wars for a bit now, this might tip things in bony's favor. Superb looking figures.

    1. Thanks for the compliment. If you go ACW then go Union. Confederate is almost as much work as Napoleonic's :-)

      I have done both in 6mm so if you search through via labels then you can have a look at some of the Baccus ACW.

      I have to admit that ACW is not my thing, much prefer Nap's as you get so many more formations.