Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Building Of the Week V's Blog Giveaway

I had a blog giveaway not so recently and one prize was £9 worth of Levin Miniatures buildings that were to be painted by me. Well I encountered a few delays most of my own making but at last I have finished them today and re-launched building of the week after three weeks break.

So I give you a 6mm barn that could have been straight out of The Walking Dead, but instead it's going to be used in 6mm ACW battles I believe.

This American Style Barn (FAR12) costs £2.50 and is a very straight forward paint. So much so I added a few replacement planks in the walls to give it a little more interest. The basic paint job then got a Chestnut Brown drawing ink wash followed when dry with Iraqi sand dry brush on all but the roof sections.

It's a fairly simple building though I really like the shape of the model. If it was for a more modern setting I probably added some colour to the window frames and/or doors. As it is I still like the finished product.

GEN09 Timber Water Mill again great value at £2.00. From this angle it could just be a rehouse or workshop and it would be great if the mill workings could be removed by Mike and the building offered in that variant as well.

Again the ink wash was used but this time I left it alone and allowed the ink to do all the work. This way the two buildings can be on the same part of the board without them looking the same.

HUT05 is part of the Miscellaneous section but seems ideal for the ACW fan's and is nice and cheap at £1.50 It's as simple as it gets and quite small coming home at £1.50 and again I used the same style of painting as the Water Mill.

All three together, though the hut seems a little larger than it is with it in the front. So the fast counters amongst will have noted that this does not make £9 and you would be right.

Take a look in accessories and you will find ACC01  a pack of ten tents for £2.50 comprising of five large and five small tents which actually was the most time consuming and challenging to paint.

It's not easy to see but I painted on creases and shading to try and get them looking like canvas. In fact the only white on them was some of the final highlights the rest were versions of ivory and off white.

So these should be on their way sometime this wee and so beet the Christmas rush. Now I had better gone with some more of mine for next week.


  1. I could use all of those for my 10mm ACW project especially the tents. Nice job with the brushwork!

  2. Nice work Ian, you just can't beat them for price can you???

  3. The barn and the watermill are really nice to me!

  4. Makes me want to go 6mm. For that price and the number of things you can paint up so quickly. I have gone 28mm to 15mm, so would be the logical next step.

  5. Does anyone do 6mm zombies? Lovely work Ian and they look so good.

  6. Looking great, quite amazing how much detail can be found on these small scale buidlings from Leven Miniatures.

    Kind regards

  7. @ Jonathan, I am sure Mike would help you out with getting some of them, and as Mike is working on a ACW range he is going to make the changes to the mill to make it available as a warehouse so I am rather chuffed

    @ Ray, you certainly can't though if Mike goes full time I think he may have too raise his prices some.

    @ Dave, me too, something about it really works for me

    @ Phil, I also like the water mill but certainly the barn is the winner for me

    @ Dan, well it is a great scale to work in though the head count tends to be higher. It's all about what you paint against what you miss out. I could easily double my output if I was prepared to drop the detail a couple of notches on the figures

    @ Roger, why thank you again.

    @ Sam, Thank's, hope they are liked when they arrive

    @ Pete, yes they do, Exodus Wars do them, are you tempted?

    @ WNT, it is indeed, Mike has a clear tallent with these


  8. Wohooo! Clapping hands and cheering! Now to sit back and wait for Postman Pat to arrive.
    Thanks again, Ian

    1. I did wonder if you would get to see these. I am afraid they won't get posted till Saturday as Cath is rather ill and getting down to the PO was too much for e to ask of her