Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Last Call Secret Santa 2016

First of all sorry for the lack of reminders and posts for the Secret Santa this year. It coincided with my relocating at work to a new (for me) store and then two key staff members being off at the same time (one sick one holiday) this meant my working all days and extending hours to get all the paperwork done. Short and the tall has meant the last month to six weeks has been interesting.

Anyway to more important things. I will be closing Secret Santa this coming Friday, the 21st October. If your in your name should be listed below. If it is missing let me or Cath know and we will add you to Santa's good list. If you have yet to join in, it's not to late you can leave a message below, contact Cath if you have her email from previous years or leave a private message via the Contact Me button somewhere to the right.

New to this and what to know more? Well about five or six years ago we started to exchange gifts via Secret Santa where you spend about £15 on another gamer/blogger randomly picked out. The aim that we all would receive something wargames/hobby related at Christmas and it has grown from the first few to a nice number. The rough rules are below

1. Buy a gift to value of £15 or equivalent plus postage for your target, supplied by Cath
2. Check out your targets blog for ideas (targets can supply Cath with a list of types of things they like (not exact details please) that can if wished be used or you can go totally off your own ideas.
3. Make sure it arrives before Christmas
4. You need to have a blog to join in.

We have 22 for this year so far and you are

Thomas N
Chris S
Adam C
Mark B
Martin C
Thomas R
Ron C
Jake B
Markus S
Ray R
Conrad K
J Miles
Dave D
Mike W
Samuli S
Stefan K
Paul S
Andy N
Michael P

After Friday Cath will assign targets and will give you the details including full name, address and blog name. Once Cath has done this you can send her your wish list if desired. 

Please also keep Cath updated on your progress. Not for any checking up type of malarkey just because she loves the whole thing and enjoys reading about your gifts and it's a nice reward for all the hard work she puts in. I often get thanked for the project but it's Cath that does all the real work so a big thanks to my gal.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers, Cath has the rune sticks at the ready


  2. So glad to have gotten in on this again, it was a highlight of last Christmas.
    Thanks to you and Cath for running it for us!

    1. So glad to have you aboard again. It also is a highlight for me as well


  3. I cannot wait to get my 'target' assigned. During the last years both Santa issues became a part of my Christmas tradition and I'm looking forward to strolling around to find something hopefully pleasing.

    Best regards

    1. You guys make the event, it's the spirit that this is entered in that makes it special


  4. Its a great idea, looking forward to my victims name!!!! And my pressie of course!

    1. Always good to both receive and see what your target thinks of your gift. Cath of course gets to enjoy all of them as she knows you know


  5. Eagerly waiting for my target.

    1. Cath is hoping to get it all finished off tomorrow evening


  6. Target received and locked on! Preparing to fire.

    Erhm I mean let Cath know all is well with me and have looked at the target blog.